The Magic of Imperfect Artistry



Enroll in this course to see the huge benefits I receive by being an imperfect artist online that honestly tries to share my creative work out into the world as it is!

You might enjoy the graphs I made in Microsoft PowerPoint, which I attempt to use to show how this productivity system allows me to earn more money per hour of design work I do producing videos and how minimizing my time editing my video creations results in building a more sustainable business fast.

The Magic of Imperfect Artistry

  • Enroll in The Magic of Imperfect Artistry
  • My goal is to give as much as I can to you with the least resistance
  • Less editing often means more money per hour worked
  • Making a sustainable business as an artist is difficult and much easier when more of your creative work is available
  • Thank you for finishing The Magic of Imperfect Artistry
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