The Complete Udemy Instructor Course



Course curriculum

  • Newest Udemy Instructor Success Tips! [ 2019 – 2020]
  • What I Learned Making $663K on Udemy
  • Start Teaching on YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and Uthena Today!
  • Start Teaching on YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, and Uthena Today! Part 2
  • Income Report from Teaching on Udemy, StackCommerce, Teachable, Thinkific, and Skillshare 2014 – 2019
  • Top 10 Udemy Instructor Success Stories
  • How to Sell Udemy Courses 2019! 5 Step Marketing Plan for More Instructor Earnings!
  • How to Get Udemy Student Emails for Free WITHOUT Violating Instructor Terms
  • Is Udemy for Business Exclusivity Worth It for Instructors to Not Upload on Skillshare or Uthena?
  • Udemy for Business vs Skillshare
  • Build Your Own Udemy and StackSkills! Online Education Business Franchise with Video Courses!
  • Welcome to The Complete Udemy Instructor Course! [Original 2014 — 2016 Class]
  • One day at a time with a Microsoft Excel 2016 spreadsheet to track lectures made
  • Teaching free on YouTube first prepared me for Udemy.
  • Getting help with the #1 problem in my life made space for Udemy success.
  • A look at my Udemy earnings in chronological order.
  • It took a long time to get the right equipment to make filming fast and easy.
  • Promoting my own courses is critical to all the organic sales.
  • Free courses and free previews on YouTube are the foundation of my promotions.
  • Google AdWords helps me sell some established courses in search ads.
  • What I do today about course reviews on Udemy.
  • Create a test video right now to check your audio and video production setup
  • Think comprehensive courses to start and expand into niche smaller courses.
  • How to see if you are a premium instructor and how to apply to get paid on Udemy
  • How to make a lot of high quality courses very quickly by working smart
  • Your promo video is HUGE for making sales! Make a good one and keep updated.
  • Are you willing to teach for free to start? How does free work for me today?
  • Overcoming common challenges to getting started
  • I create systems that anyone can run because then I can count on them!
  • Getting help with running systems I create. Thank you Joseph Delgadillo!
  • My personal life defines what potential I have to create courses
  • Start with a small focused course idea and use positive reinforcement to build
  • Microphones I use and the importance of great audio
  • Welcome to The Complete Udemy Instructor Course! [Original 2014 — 2016 Class] – Part 2
  • Recommended lecture length and speaking speed.
  • Screen capture with Camtasia makes creating courses really easy
  • Editing audio quickly in Camtasia
  • Turning a screenshot into a video free with windows movie maker and Audacity!
  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft One Drive for Backup
  • Course creation hands on! Watch as I start this course fast
  • The importance of the first lecture for student engagement
  • Overcoming mistakes I make while recording: simple editing trick
  • Completing the review process successfully and getting past needs fixes editing response
  • Looking at my course landing page as a sales page.
  • Course conversion data. Where are your students from?
  • Promoting your course on social media and your website
  • Getting your first organic sales on Udemy
  • Analyzing my sales data for opportunities
  • 3 key areas you want to succeed in to make a lot of sales on Udemy
  • How I use positive reinforcement to decide where I should put my creative effort
  • Answering discussions in your courses consistently
  • How to turn a negative one star Udemy review into a positive five star review
  • An in depth look at how I respond to 1 and 2 star reviews
  • How much should you give your Udemy course away for free? When to stop?
  • How to message multiple courses with educational and promotional announcements
  • Educational announcements why you should use them
  • Educational announcement for reviews and discussions
  • How to deal with refunds as an instructor on Udemy
  • Reading the bad reviews on my Udemy courses
  • The bad reviews I read do not cause any lasting damage and do give a lot of help
  • I hope reading these reviews helps with overcoming fear of teaching online
  • 10 things I do differently than most Udemy instructors
  • See the power of Udemy yourself here! Now is the time to stick with Udemy!
  • Launching WooCommerce on my website to sell my courses with free coupons
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