Steem and Steemit for Beginners



Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • I just bought 10 BTC of this cryptocurrency and am planning to become a top user
  • What is Steem?
  • Community equals value
  • Data showing why this altcoin might be the most undervalued
  • #1 feature making this cryptocurrency a 100x longer term investment
  • I can now pay myself and others for helping me without it costing me anything!
  • Investing in Steem
  • How much money is my investment likely to earn in 3 years?
  • Every month I am planning to invest another $1000!
  • You will not believe what I get paid to do now!
  • Examples investing $100 a month to $10,000 a month
  • Steem wallet & earning STEEM
  • Transferring the money incorrectly could lead to a total loss
  • The biggest risk is losing the wallet password
  • What if the price drops?
  • Cashing out, taxes, and user adoption
  • Account creation
  • Buying in with fiat currency such as USD or Bitcoin
  • Funding the wallet from an exchange
  • How to start earning
  • Being active daily to bring the highest return in money, learning, and networking
  • 1,000 new users in 24 hours?
  • Going all in with Steem
  • Ending and transitioning out of existing activities to make time for this
  • Ideas for how to stay active and add value
  • Organic search traffic will be the tipping point into viral growth
  • Alternative my first pre sale cryptocurrency investment
  • How to buy during the pre sale
  • Who told me about this cryptocurrency first?
  • Would you join me?
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