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Courses Included


1. The Master of SEO mindset for 10x traffic!

  • Become a Master of Search Engine Optimization and inbound marketing today
  • Transcending keywords and link building with a mindset of serving viewers and solving problems.
  • How I get 2.5+ million impressions a month on Google and YouTube without keyword research or link building.
  • How To Get 1,000 Clicks A Day From Google Organic Search
  • Top 25 SEO Tips for 2020!
  • Worst SEO strategies I have confirmed are terrible.
  • Planning for SEO and inbound marketing BEFORE creating!


2. Aiming for lifetime connections.

  • Where to start? Fix and improve what we see!
  • Play nice with others! Haters and competitors are friends!
  • Tutorials build a rock solid foundation.
  • Entertain to keep people coming back and have fun
  • Stories stick with us.
  • Long videos, posts, and descriptions ideal like Wikipedia.


3. Simple tips to rank higher in Google!

  • Scalable web host makes viral growth possible and high ranking easier.
  • Email marketing helps build relationships and links naturally.
  • WordPress Plugin Setup + Best Dashboard Performance Settings
  • HTTPS is included as a ranking factor in Google.
  • Ensure complete coverage of your own name in search results.
  • Register your domain for a long time to show stability over time.
  • Edit the date published when making any changes.
  • Setup automatic sharing on social media to help get viewers and signal for a higher rank.


4. Google analytics for understanding what is working!

  • Google analytics introduction for beginners.
  • Google analytics admin dashboard for account and property creation plus AdWords linking.
  • Google analytics home dashboard from users, sessions, channel, and device.
  • Site speed and suggestions to improve user experience and rank higher.
  • Behavior tab with all pages to see where more traffic is.
  • Acquisition source/medium, and referrals for understanding how we get traffic.
  • Conversion tracking and advanced features.


5. Google webmaster tools to understand organic search traffic and keywords!

  • Google webmaster tools settings to become a verified owner.
  • New Google search console overview.
  • Submit a WordPress XML sitemap fast with Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Performance reports for queries, pages, countries, and devices.
  • Welcome to the top
  • Become a Master of Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing Today
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