Productivity with AI Tools



Learn, Teach and Sell The Technical Process of Using AI In your Online Business
Having PLR Videos on a topic gives you a flexible way of positioning yourself as an educator and reliable source of information in your niche.  Your customer will be able to see step by step how they can achieve success in a technical area.

This allows you to sell content but also to be positioned with that customer as a person with reliable information.  You want to be able to make sales…yes, but you also want the customer to feel better about their purchase as time goes on.

This is one of the true benefits of having step by step narrated videos teaching a correct and doable path through a process.  Your customer will associate you with the knowledge they’ve gained.  And by leveraging the video creation, you can focus on your marketing and your brand.

Taught by an experienced marketer that understands technology and how it must be used to market, there is no fluff in the course.

It’s made so that your customer (or you) can get through it in less than an hour.

Here are the Topics We’ll Cover Throughout the Basic Videos

0001 – Meta Search Sites
0002 – SMMRY for Summarizing
0003 – ChatGPT Plugins Waitlist
0004 – Using Microsoft Bing Search
0005 – Using Google Bard
0006 – Microsoft Word Speech To Text
0007 – Transcribe Audio in Microsoft Word
0008 – Speechify
0009 – Exact Image Creation
0010 – AI Design Tools
0011 – Learn How to Prompt
0012 – Content Improvement
0013 – Idea Generation
0014 – Audio Enhancement with Adobe
0015 – Clean up Audio With Cleaanvoice
0016 – Notion-AI
0017 – Pictory
0018 – Lex
0019 – ChatPDF
0020 – Conclusion and the Future of Generative AI – Searchie

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