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The Essential Importance Of Trust

Trust is an important aspect of life; our societies would struggle to exist without. It is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone. It is an essential part of human life and not just in interpersonal relationships only; individuals need to learn to trust themselves too. Almost every relationship requires trust between the involved parties for it to thrive. Ironically, even a group of thugs cannot function well if the members do not trust each other. It would be one chaotic event after another.

As mentioned previously, trust is a firm belief in a person’s abilities and values. It is not something one can just buy or wish into existence. Rather, we work for it and in some instances, it is built over long periods, depending on the magnitude of its role in the relationship. For example; it takes only a couple of minutes to convince a manager that you can be trusted to do a certain good job in their company, but it might take more than that to prove to a company owner that you are the right person for a business partnership. Replacing an employee is easier than replacing a business partner, meaning there is need for trust when a relationship is bound by something big. 

It is important to remember that as much as it brings value to the relationship when you choose to trust, you shouldn’t put your guard down. Stay awake and look for changes or anything unusual. This in itself sounds like a lack of trust but it will help you to leave room for disappointment when dealing with people than to be taken by surprise. 

Below are some of the reasons why trust is important;

  1. Productivity – trust gives room to progress where the lack thereof would cause some or everyone involved to hold back for the fear of losing what they would have invested in the relationship. This applies in a professional environment, friendships, and romantic relationships too. For example, where some people do not trust their friends, they would rather go through tough situations alone than share their problems. But, if they trusted each other enough, they would support each other and grow faster.
  2. Improved relationships – trust creates an environment that is conducive to improvement in any relationship. Taking romantic relationships as an example, trust allows partners to open up to each other. This allows them to know each other better and understand each other’s weaknesses. Once they get to this point, the partners can then know what to do or not to do to make each other happy and make their relationship last.
  3. Easy delegation – in the workplace it is easier to share responsibilities with others when you trust in each other’s abilities. This also promotes personal growth as everyone gets a chance to perform duties and gain experience.
  4. Motivation – trust can motivate people to do well in all types of relationships. For instance, if employees trust that their employer will fairly reward them when they have done their work, they are motivated to play their earnest part and treat clients well. They would also understand when the employer cannot increase their salaries or bonuses in a bad financial year. A lack of trust between the employee and the employer, however, would make the employees careless and hate their work. 
  5. Loyalty and commitment – when people are with a person that they trust and believe in, it is often easier for them to be loyal and commit to that relationship. Often, people would rather keep and strengthen a relationship where there is trust and grow with the other party than start a new one that has everything else but lacks trust. Where there is a lack of trust there is uncertainty and people are forced to keep looking for something better that can make them feel secure. An environment that lacks trust often promotes toxicity and anxiety.
  6. Dealing with change – change is easier to implement in any setting or relationship when there is trust. Whoever it is suggested to understands that even when it is not seemingly working in their favor, it is still necessary.
  7. Harmony – trust has a harmonizing effect in relationships of any kind including professional ones. It is easier to team up for a common cause and help each other when people trust each other. No one feels the need to hold back or be protective, and as a result, everyone works together in harmony, sharing ideas and achieving the maximum output.
  8. Opportunities – when you work well with people and earn their trust, you pave the way to success. It is easier for people to recommend someone they know and trust when an opportunity arises. By being trustworthy you are building and preparing yourself for better things.

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