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I am sure that at one point or another in our lives we have encountered one of the following quotes, “teamwork makes the dream work”, or “together we can achieve more,” or my ultimate favorite “if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go further, go with others”. The common thing about all these sayings is partnerships. Partnerships are encouraged in everyday life because the truth is none of us can do it all by ourselves. We need support and we need those that see the vision when we lose sight of it. This is not to say that partnerships are without challenges, it is only through overcoming these challenges that we become stronger and better together. 

Partnerships improve outputs

Any good partnership must produce better results than the effort of one individual. Partnerships aim to ensure that the weaknesses of one are covered by another. In the book ‘The seven habits of highly effective people’, Steven Covey speaks about synergy. Synergy in partnerships is about leveraging the strengths of each team member or individual to produce better results. This is one of the reasons why organizations and institutions of learning advocate for partnerships and working as teams so that outputs are improved. This is the same even in families, when you work well with your partner, you can achieve more. A partnership can show you your strengths and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. 

Partnerships keep you in check

Sometimes we are not motivated to lead the adult life. There are times when you do not want to go to work, write an assignment or even parent your children. It is a natural phenomenon for life to take a toll on someone. However, with a good partnership and support structure, you can be kept in check. Instead of slacking on your roles and duties as a parent, your support system can nudge you in the right direction by reminding you of the important things. At school sometimes it is difficult to work on assignments, but you have to be mindful of the people that you are working with.

Partnerships help share the burden 

One of the most beautiful things about partnerships and their power is sharing the burden. Instead of being stuck on a difficult project alone, you can work with a partner instead of suffering in silence. Partnerships allow you to get a fresh new perspective and have people that you can bounce off ideas and make things work. 

New perspectives & insight

Walking alone means you know what you know and nothing else. For you to learn something new, you have to learn the skill. But when you collaborate with someone else you can achieve more and do more. Additionally, you can get new and fresh ideas from your partners instead of always working with the information that you have always known. Other people bring in other ideas which at times can be merged to make one grand idea. Working with other people is also good in that with changing times, new partnerships can ensure organizations stay up to date with the latest technologies and meet new target markets. For example, companies like Hewlett-Packard formed a partnership that has kept abreast with the changing times and this has sustained them for a long period. 

However, to leverage the beauty of partnerships, some fundamentals need to be in place. The partnership must have the same vision and goal for the project. Divergent views on visions have led to the failure of many partnerships. This is the reason many organizations split up. Once there are divergent views on vision, it means everyone is pulling in different directions and that leads to disaster.

To conclude, partnerships make the dream work. Working with a partner with whom you see things similarly and have the same goal in mind makes the load lighter. Teamwork and partnerships ensure that you achieve more as a collective than mere individual effort. Being accountable to each other ensures that the work is done. By collaborating, you can check on each other to ensure the best is always produced. However, it should be noted that good partnerships take years of learning and nurturing, being in a partnership does not mean things will work automatically.


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