E-mail Marketing with Mailchimp



Duration: 4.15 hours
Course curriculum

  • How is this course designed to be useful for you?
  • Welcome to the email marketing course!
  • What is exciting that you can do with using course?
  • What am I doing a year later with my email marketing?
  • Having users create an account makes getting an email much easier!
  • A fast website makes email signups a LOT easier!
  • Facebook ads with a video to an account sign up make easy list building
  • May 2016 introduction and first steps.
  • What have I done with my own email marketing? $100,000+ earned via Udemy.
  • The most important part of effective email marketing is delivering value.
  • What mistakes have I made with email marketing? A lot!
  • Surprise! The WEBSITE is the most critical component of great email marketing.
  • Before collecting emails, I chose a service provider that meets my needs.
  • To effectively collect emails, I need help testing different forms and pages.
  • Website basics for branding and building trust.
  • What do you get in the website basics section?
  • For my domain name, I use my name because that stays the same.
  • WordPress
  • WordPress is the content management system I use to create my website.
  • 3 hosting providers that work great with WordPress for a low cost.
  • The majority of the work comes from making blog posts worth reading.
  • For my WordPress theme I picked one I liked from another website.
  • Starting by making signup forms on my WordPress website.
  • One more reason to have a great website- what do I usually do on a landing page?
  • MailChimp is the first email marketing service provider I used.
  • I am making my new list with MailChimp because that is how I made my last one.
  • MailChimp cost- free for under 2,000 subscribers!
  • Which MailChimp plan I am using?
  • Read the TOS before sending an email or get your account suspended.
  • Campaigns in MailChimp are emails I have sent.
  • Templates are the outlines I can use to send emails.
  • Lists are collections of email addresses I can send emails to.
  • Reports are where I see the results of my campaigns to lists.
  • Automation is where I can setup emails to be sent automatically.
  • API keys allow me to integrate with WordPress, LeadPages, etc.
  • How to add users to my MailChimp account to help with sending emails.
  • Sending Emails
  • How to create a new email list in MailChimp.
  • How to edit the text on the opt in email.
  • How to set the double opt in welcome offer page.
  • Using a page on my WordPress website to provide the offer redemption.
  • Forget about making the page ultra secret and handle problems as they come up.
  • Making the free offer in the same format as future offers.
  • Adding a Facebook conversion tracking pixel to my page.
  • Setting up conversion tracking with Google AdWords and “all converters.”
  • Using affiliate links with claiming the free offer.
  • Explaining what to expect next as a subscriber.
  • LeadPages is how I used to build landing pages before having a great WordPress website.
  • Examples of squeeze pages, capture pages, and registration pages in LeadPages.
  • LeadPages makes trial and error simple for building better email capture pages.
  • How I choose a template to get started with making a new landing page.
  • A simple test to make sure everything is working before continuing!
  • Power User Tips! Know what you need beforehand and test as soon as possible!
  • LeadPages pricing options.
  • Introduction to customizing templates and saving a landing page.
  • Managing integrations in Leadpages by connecting with an email provider.
  • Setting the thank you page as the conversion goal page in LeadPages.
  • Setting up a thank you page for double opt in.
  • An overview of my entire email system with ideas on what I need to create.
  • Building a landing page with another free offer for the email list.
  • Email templates, sending the first message, and reporting.
  • Live tutorial! Creating an email template to get opens and clicks to my website.
  • Review and preview of my simple email template.
  • Sending my first email to my new list using my template.
  • Understanding and reporting the results of my first email.
  • Google AdWords for Remarketing
  • Google AdWords is #1 for keeping users coming back
  • Thank you for finishing my email marketing class! What next?
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