Cryptography For Cyber Security And Hacking



Cryptography for Cyber Security and Hacking

Discover cryptography in this course for beginners, including theory, encryption, SSL, PGP, AES, WPA2, WPA3, TSL1.3, hashing algorithms and much more, to level up your cyber security and ethical hacking career today.

Duration: 6.5 hours

Would you like to learn cryptography for cyber security because this knowledge can be useful for you to advance your ethical hacking career or prepare for an official hacking exam?

In this course you will learn:

  • Cryptographic theory
  • Asymmetric encryption
  • Symmetric encryption
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Wifi security – WPA2
  • Wifi security – WPA3
  • Vulnerabilities – TLS1.3
  • Hashing algorithms
  • and more…

This course was designed for total beginners and there is no particular knowledge requirement. Thank you for learning about the course and we hope you love it!

Course Curriculum!

  1. Cryptographic theory – part 1
  2. Cryptography theory – part 2
  3. Asymmetric encryption
  4. Symmetric encryption
  5. Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  6. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
  7. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  8. Wifi security – WPA2
  9. Wifi security – WPA3
  10. Vulnerabilities – TLS1.3
  11. Hashing algorythms
  12. Breaking the hash
  13. Hashing analysis and basic encryption
  14. Creating password dictionary
  15. Networking and encrypting with Python
  16. File encryptor with C
  17. Brute forcing SSH service using Hydra
  18. Linux MAC passwords – theory
  19. Linux MAC passwords – practical
  20. How Windows manages passwords
  21. Windows passwords management
  22. Cracking passwords theoryDigital certificates




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