• How to Handle Stress: Stress is inevitable, but how you handle it is up to you and will determine its impact on your mental and emotional well-being.
  • Self-Acceptance and Being: If you can’t accept yourself and be who you are you will forever live in conflict.
  • Healing Addictions: Everyone has addictions, some are healthy and some destructive. Be aware of them and change the ones that are not supporting you.
  • Stay Fit: Detox your body with Fitness, Yoga and Running.
  • Re-Train Your Brain with “Scrambling”: “Scrambling” is an effective way to reprogram your brain and open up new ways of being to get yourself out of downward spirals.
  • Healthy Food: How to lose weight permanently with proven diets and healthy food.
  • Attracting Good Things and Abundance: Life is rich with resources to support you living a happy and content life. Learn how to attract prosperity, wealth and abundance.
  • Power is Within You: Deep within you is a source of power that cannot be shaken by anything. You must learn to experience it. Get more energy!
  • How to Have Peace: Peace is everywhere and can be had by anyone if you do this one thing. Be Zen and live Mindful. Learn how meditation can help.
  • How to enjoy your life: Choose you true calling.
  • Super charge your body: Love your immune system. Learn to fast and detox.

All courses are powered by:

The European Health Foundation


Each course consists of about 1 hour of videos and several e-books.

Each course comes with a free certificate of participation.

Example certificate

This package includes the following courses:

1      Fitness for the whole family
2      Health & Fitness course
3      Healthy Living
4      Running
5      Kettleball Transformation
6      Yoga
7      Mindful Meditation Mastery
8      Energy++
9      Limitless Energy Gold
10    The Art Of Meditation
11    Zen Mastery
12    Fat Burn Secrets
13    Green Smoothie Cleanse
14    Ketogenic Diet 101
15    Healthy Eating
16    Fool Proof Diet
17    Carb Cycling for Weight Loss
18    Keto Diet
19    Stress extinguisher
20    Your Inner Greatness
21    Joy of Imperfection
22    Bulletproof Mind
23    Unplug – Mobile Addiction
24    Power of Positive Thinking
25    Irrestistible You
26    Awaken Your True Calling
27    Supercharge Your Body
28    Gluten Free Lifestyle
29    Detox Yourself
30    Vegan Diet


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