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System That Will Easily Boost Email Open Rates, Build More Credibility for Your Rising Brand and Reap More Cash from Your Current Email List…100 VIDEOS OF INTERNET MARKETING TIPS

The SUREFIRE way to:

 Boost your open rate

 Reduce your unsubscribes

 Build credibility like a boss

 Increase your sales numbers

WITHOUT you having to:

 Do any content research ever

 Churn our fresh new content

 Slave hours upon hours

 Be a pushy annoying salesperson

 Sacrifice your precious ‘ME TIME’.

The Internet Marketing Academy

100 Done-For-You Short Value-Oriented Rebrandable Videos With A Complete Ready-To-Go Training Center That Will Sell To Your List Like A Ninja…

All While Your Audience Gets Impactful Short Video Content That No Body Else Is Willing To Do!

The Internet Marketing Academy Works Wonders Because It Takes Advantage Of These 6 Unmatched Pillars:

Impactful Content That Provides Real Quality Value

Short and Straight To The Point For Busy People

Bring Life By Leveraging On The Power Of Audio Visual

Separate Yourself From The Crowd To Gain Competitive Edge

Here Comes the BEST PART:

Our Game Changing Ninja Selling Technique… Revealed!

Sending content alone won’t bring your clicks and sales volumes up. That’s why we’ve added a quick seamless ‘Call to Action’ at the end of each video to help tie it to your promotions.

With this, you can please your list or audience, and sell without feeling pushy!

Watch Samples of These Clever
Done-For-You Videos In Action!

Vertical Dimension:

(Ideal For TikTok & YouTube Shorts)

Horizontal Dimension:

(Ideal For Your Website or Training Center)

A-HA! See what we mean now?

Every single video that you’ll give away in your newsletter is an ingenious way for you to please your list while creating the perfect chance for you to ‘promote’ without being pushy.

It’s what your list yearns for.

It’s how you will be able to increase your credibility.

It’s going to be a game changer right now… because NO ONE ELSE is doing this.

… Most of your competitors simply can’t do this because churning out consistent video content with an upsell like this will take up a fortune not to mention the massive amount of time required to get everything done themselves.

Fortunately for you… We’ve got your back!

Here Is What’s Included In

The Internet Marketing Academy


100x Carefully-Researched, Value-Oriented

(Vertical & Horizontal Dimensions)

With these juicy short videos, you can pitch anything you want, and your list will be impressed with the effort and value that they get whenever they open up your emails.

They’ll look forward to your next newsletter issue while you laugh all the way to your bank.




Curious about what kind of daily tips you’ll be able to serve to your list while promoting various offers?

Take a look at these 100 video titles:

1. Create a niche blog that answers questions people have

2. Your skills can be turned into gold

3. Try to think like you’re someone who’s searching with a question

4. Develop software that can be used to generate revenue or build traffic

5. Software as a service is hot right now

6. Study the market before creating any piece of software

7. Build websites with the sole intent on flipping them

8. Selling sites can be very lucrative for those with the right skills

9. It’s all about the revenue in the end

10. Grow an email list and promote affiliate offers

11. Offer your readers something of value

12. Always reinvest some of your profits back into your email list

13. Create high converting landing pages and build backlinks to them

14. Create content with the sole intent of passing the reader on

15. Your landing page must convert

16. Buy advertising through Udimi from reputable sellers

17. Should you create your own ad or allow the seller to do it?

18. Start small and work your way up

19. Find low-cost keywords on Bing and Google to send to your opt-in page

20. Bing is the best-kept secret in online marketing

21. It’s all about bidding on low volume keywords

22. Gain subscribers by building up an Instagram following

23. You’re allowed only one link

24. Identify who your target customer is

25. Your job is to sell to people who want something

26. You should know everything about your ideal customer

27. Find out all of the places where your ideal customer hangs out online

28. Pay close attention to the products people are talking about

29. Forums, social media, and product reviews

30. Conduct keyword research with paid tools and by searching Google

31. Pay close attention to what Google suggests

32. Follow up by using paid tools

33. Spot trends and learn how to tell if they’re cooling off

34. You must be on the cusp of a trend

35. Offer a free or a discounted trial to get people in the door

36. The trial length should be useful to the member

37. A trial is a must for new sites

38. Create different subscription levels at various price points

39. Test different membership prices to see which ones are the most effective

40. Always offer more value for the money at all levels

41. Have upsells in your members area to increase profits

42. Promote things that you feel your members will find useful

43. Your members area is a goldmine, and you should treat it that way

44. Your members area needs to have multiple types of content inside it

45. Don’t flood your members area with poor quality content

46. Don’t shy away from creating your own niche products to sell on Amazon FBA

47. You’ll more than likely be doing business with Chinese factories

48. It’s all about understanding Amazon’s algorithm

49. Think outside the box when trying to find affiliate offers to promote

50. Contact small e-commerce sites and ask if they have an affiliate program

51. Create your own Shopify store if you have to

52. A smaller amount of traffic is expected when going micro-niche

53. Small increases in traffic can have big results

54. The measure of your success is found in your bank account

55. Consider making your own promo materials when promoting affiliate offers

56. Freelancers make banners and other ads all the time

57. Outsource small tedious tasks that take up way too much of your time

58. It’s not the difficult work that you dread

59. Always stay focused on making money

60. Hire a freelancer to answer all of your customer service requests

61. Train freelancers to answer all the essential questions

62. Pass the problematic questions on to more qualified people

63. Dictate your articles and have someone else type them for you

64. Transcription is a growing field in the world of freelancing

65. Cheaper isn’t better when it comes to transcribers

66. Pay experienced professionals to run your pay per click advertising campaigns

67. Experienced pay per click search engine marketing freelancers are easy to find

68. Vlog about the things you’re most passionate about

69. Stick with what you know or what you’re willing to learn

70. Above all else have fun

71. Update your blog regularly

72. Never risk quality to produce quantity

73. Produce videos weeks in advance

74. Produce the highest quality vlogs possible

75. Focus on delivering information that no one else is

76. Create videos in the style of your favorite vloggers

77. The first 15 seconds of your blog is the most crucial

78. Tell what your video is going to be about within the first 15 seconds

79. Promote high ticket affiliate offers

80. Ease on into the sale

81. The hard sell rarely works

82. Reoccurring affiliate offers pay out big bucks over time

83. Only promote services that you can honestly recommend

84. It’s best to know the service like it’s the back of your hand

85. Make fast cash by selling solo ads

86. Don’t overlook outsourcing sites as a place to sell solo ads

87. Skip the middleman and sell directly to the advertiser

88. Cut back on the affiliate offers and watch your conversions soar

89. The majority of your messages should have no advertisements in them

90. Build membership sites full of private label rights content

91. Drip the content over time and not all at once

92. Make even more money with upsells in your membership area

93. Use private label rights content for your email list

94. Set up an autoresponder and send messages for months, or maybe even years

95. The entire system is automated from start to finish

96. Offer private label rights content to your affiliates

97. Your affiliates may need to spin the content

98. Don’t forget about content other than the written word

99. Use private label rights audio tracks to spice up your podcasts

100. Podcasts need a little background noise to spice them up


It’s time you blend your emails with promotions and freebies.
Enjoy fewer unsubscribes, but reap more clicks!

But don’t let these videos be limited to just your email promotions…

You can use these splendid short videos on:

 Your landing pages

 Your bonus pages

 Your presell pages

 Your thank you pages

 Your download pages

 and so much more!

Each video is compact and short.

It will only take less than a minute to view and your busy clients will love you for it!

Sound like a gem already?

Wait till you see what else you’ll get when you grab The Marketing Academy for less than 10 bucks today!


100x Editable Presentation Slides

Rebrand, edit, and personalize your way to win the hearts of your audience. Our editable presentation slides will help you impact their lives as you grow your business to the next level in no time!


100 Sets of Professional Voice Over.

Needless to say, if you’ve ever had to get a voice-over job done prior to this, you’ll know that this module is worth a thousand bucks alone. Anytime you want, just fire up these editable MP3 voice-over audio files and edit or rebrand away as much as you like… at no extra cost!


100 ‘Turnkey’ Video Presell Pages

We made it easier for you to use our videos as a presell page – Thank us later, ;). In fact, each individual video will come with its corresponding presell pages with the following:

1. A short video lesson that they can watch with our ‘unique’ upsell call to action ending.

2. A discreet ‘Click Here to Continue’ button that will take your ‘Satisfied audience’ to ANY offer that you wish.

No pushy selling, just smart valuable information that will help build your credibility and trust.

Now that’s POWERFUL!


Plug-n-Play Video Website Portal – Mobile Responsive HTML Format

Now that you’ve got all that video in your hands… We made it extremely easy to own your very own video content website. Imagine all 100 videos in one single portal under your brand. You can choose to sell or provide your audience with free unlimited access. The choice is yours – and you’ll stand to gain no matter what!


Ready-made Capture & Delivery page

 Lead Capture Page To Grow Your Subscribers List

We’ve created a lead capture page for EACH of the products you just purchased. You only have to add in your autoresponder code inside and it’s ready to go!

 Delivery Page (or Thank You Page)

Whenever they subscribe to your list, consider redirecting these people to these delivery pages. We’ve prepared a thank you page for each of the products you bought previously. You just have to add your download url to it and voila! It’s ready to go!

BUT WAIT! That’s Not All…

Because we value your success more than anything else, we’ve also requested our business partners to share free access to their paid products. Here are the details:

Bonus #1:

VSL Blueprint PLR Bundle

(Presented by Chad Elijsr & Jon Rishworth)

The customizable content will help your customers create EASILY and QUICKLY a high converting Video Sales Letter by following a proven 12-step process. You will also get access to a fill-in-the-blank template that they can use to jumpstart their VSL creation.

 Premium PLR content that you can edit and brand as your own

 Includes more than 15,000 words between the main guide, lead magnet, 14-Day VSL Challenge, and a set of 7 articles.

 The Premium content will help you to sell a high-quality product as your own and position you as an authority.

Bonus #2:

The Reel Revolution

(Presented by Tony Newton)

Special Access For The Internet Marketing Academy Owners Only…

How To Get Thousands Of Free Visitors From Facebook Using Dumb 15 Second Videos!

The Reel Revolution is a 24 page guide that will show you:

 What exactly are Facebook Reels?

 How to FORCE Facebook to push your Reels harder

 Where to find proven ideas to model

 How to create Reels without being on camera

 And so much more…

Bonus #3:

PLR to Full Time Online Income Blueprint

(Presented by Iselle Enterprises)

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