10 YouTube secrets


Courses Included


1. YouTube offers private training to channels with 100,000+ subscribers!

  • YouTube Partner Program Secrets

2. The best of what I learned!

  • What is most important for building an awesome YouTube channel?
  • The easiest way to get more views and rank videos higher.

3. Optimizing positioning with descriptions, tags, closed captions, and being verified.

  • The YouTube title and description are most important for organic traffic.
  • How to write a great YouTube description
  • Closed captions help with meta data and watch time.
  • Getting verified and making a good first banner impression with viewers.

4. My mistakes and getting help.

  • The biggest mistake I can make on my YouTube channel.
  • Avoiding the trap of chasing views and making videos out of love.
  • Where to get email support for YouTube channels and more final thoughts.
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