Learn what has worked for me to build 290,000+ subscribers in this “YouTube Success in 2020” course, which includes my 9 years of experience as a YouTuber!

What You’ll Learn!

  • What are the basic types of YouTube channels
  • What hardware to use for filming YouTube videos
  • What software to use for filming YouTube videos
  • How to select sensational titles that helps videos go viral
  • How to make great thumbnails
  • How to use the YouTube Creator Studio in 2020
  • How to set a publishing schedule
  • How to make money on YouTube with ads, memberships and merchandise
  • How to sell online courses on YouTube
  • How to get more YouTube views.
  • Everything you need to know about COPPA
  • and much more…

You will appreciate that I have honest proven experience making my own YouTube channel successful making videos I love on everything from Facebook to Google AdWords, gaming, dating, and motivation without using any gimmicks to get traffic that is not relevant to who I am and what I am doing.

Course curriculum

1. My 9 Years of Experience as a YouTuber in 2 Hours!

  • A vision for your YouTube!
  • Remembering My First Video on YouTube
  • MrBeast vs Me — Basic types of YouTube channels and how to get people to watch your YouTube videos?
  • Hardware for filming YouTube videos
  • OBS vs Screenflow vs Camtasia and Final Cut Pro X for filming, editing, and rendering videos!
  • Select sensational titles that help videos go viral and:or optimize for YouTube search!
  • How To Title Your YouTube Videos To Get More Views Secret SEO Strategy
  • Make great thumbnails fast with Canva even with no graphic design experience!
  • How To Use The YouTube Creator Studio to Upload Videos in 2020
  • Publishing schedule, long-term viability, and burn out!
  • How to make money on YouTube with ads, memberships, merchandise, and super chat?
  • Sell Online Courses on YouTube with WordPress, LearnDash, and WooCommerce
  • Get more YouTube views and make sales with Google ads!
  • Being grateful for every viewer!
  • COPPA Everything You Need To Know — New YouTube Updates Make Compliance Easy

2. Film Screen Capture Video Tutorials to Get the Most Views and Subscribers!

  • $10,000 A Day on YouTube?
  • MY 2019 YOUTUBE PAYCHECK! How Much I Made on 1.3 Million Views + Secrets to Earn More Ad Revenue!
  • Easy Unique Content Idea Generation System for Bloggers and YouTubers Using Google Search
  • $53,802 in Advertising Revenue on YouTube!

Course Curriculum

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