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Course Contents And Overview

If you are curious about learning to coach yourself from observing your thoughts, ideas and body while exploring the interpretations of your Vedic astrology birth chart, this course is for you!

Section #1 – “Welcome To The Course” – Discover how jyotiṣa will help you to see how you “show up” in the world.

Section #2 – “Identifying Vedic Frameworks To Learn What Exactly Jyotiṣa Is Revealing” – Before diving into the Basic Chart Reading Template, you are invited to learn a little more detail about the frameworks that support jyotiṣa or Vedic astrology. You will learn about karma, dharma and reincarnation and what jyotiṣa is actually illuminating for you.

Section #3 – “Basic Chart Reading Template & Associated Keywords For Rāśis, Bhavas and Grahas” – The heart of this course is about using this very simple, fill-in-the-blank type of template and apply it to your own birth chart. If you don’t have your birth chart available, you can follow along with David Bowie’s Vedic astrology birth chart.

Section #4 – “Adding Nuance To Your Basic Chart Reading Template” – With these additional qualities of the grahas, rāśis and bhavas, you have more information about how you can deepen your understanding of your Vedic astrology birth chart.

Section #5 – “Conclusion & Next Steps” – The invitation is to continue to deepen your studies into the Vedic sciences. Revisit your birth chart from time to time with the additional keywords to add nuance and detail into your interpretations. And then notice! That’s the skill you need to practise. Notice! And then notice some more. Lastly, I leave you with a special offer to work with me as a leadership life coach. Give me a shout and let’s have a conversation about what creates satisfaction in your life!

Section 1 – Welcome To The Course!

This is a short section with just under 15 minutes of video to welcome you to this course, what is expected of you and how you can move forward with your learning.

1.1. “Thank You” And “Welcome” To This Course!

In this course, we’re going to learn about how to apply a simple, 15-sentence template to your birth chart. This template is based on jyotiṣa or Vedic astrology. As a coach, I use jyotiṣa and a couple of models from Ontological Coaching with my clients to create understanding about the comprehensive way that the body works in conjunction with the linguistic and emotional components of the human experience.

1.2. Get A FREE Copy Of Your Chart – Special Offer For Students!

I have a special offer for you as a student in this course. I am offering you a PDF copy of your own birth chart that you can use to 1) follow along with this course and 2) take it to a qualified jyotiṣa to interpret it for you.

1.3. Course Summary, Course Content And Overview

This document; A 15 page document outlining the learning that is available to you in this course. It begins with an overview of the sections followed by a detailed breakdown of each of the course lectures.

1.4. Two Frameworks Of Understanding – BEL and OAR Models
Ontological Coaching has two models; the B-E-L Model and the O-A-R Model. B-E-L stands for “Body-Emotions-Language” and O-A-R stands for “Observer-ActionsResults”. You are a unique observer in the world. That unique observer you are has a body which experiences emotions and can only be subjectively described using language. Understanding the observer you are is crucial to ensuring that future actions create hoped-for results. That’s what coaching strives to bring out.

1.5. A Personal Story About Jyotiṣa, Life Coaching And The Meaning And Value It Gives
I came across coaching after searching and seeking for a way to better understand who I was and how I actually “showed” up in the world. I tried other personality assessment and personality trait tools like Enneagrams, MBTI, StrengthsFinder and so on. They were great for what they were but I wanted something more. And that’s when I came across jyotiṣa and applied the rich Vedic frameworks to my life coaching practise.

Section 2 – Identifying Vedic
Frameworks To Learn What Exactly

Jyotis1a Is Revealing
This section is about 43 minutes long. At the end of this section you will know a few of the Vedic frameworks that will help give you insight into what the birth chart shows.

2.1. Overview
A short video to welcome you to this section about briefly identifying Vedic frameworks that underlie what the Vedic birth chart shows.

2.2. What Is Astrology (Jyotiṣa) Showing Us?
There are 3 components to what Vedic astrology (jyotiṣa) is actually showing. What does it mean to you? Is it a personality profile tool? Or something else. In this video you’ll learn the 3 components that is shown by the chart. 1) Events and capacities as

the unfolding of karma; 2) Major themes and energetic patterns that unfold in life and 3) Timing and predictions about events, or “comings” and “goings” that will show up in your life.

2.3. Identifying Vedic Frameworks; “The Mind”, Reincarnation and Karma & Dharma
The Vedic frameworks support a perspective of “the mind” into 3 phases and 5 phases. These phases are the “instinctive,” “intellectual,” and “superconscious” mind.

The mind is known as “citta” in Sanskrit. The 5 states of mind are from the “wakeful” consciousness to the “superconscious” and all the states within. Once we know these distinctions, this will help us to tap into the intuition, clarity and insight to take action aligned with your true inner nature.

2.4. Karma & Dharma
Two main concepts within the Vedas are “karma” and “dharma.” Karma is a law of the mind just like gravity is a law of matter. Learn about how karma is a certain level, vibration and comprehension of intelligence and the resultant actions.

What is the quality of thought that is available to you? How will you know?

2.5. The 3 Kinds Of Charts
I’ve come across 3 different types of charts through my studies. This course focuses on the South Indian, “square” or Rāśi chart. This style of chart is focused on “Rāśis” which are the zodiacal signs. The other types of charts are the “diamond” or North Indian chart as well as the “wheel” or Western chart. Each chart has a certain focus or use. In this course we will use the South Indian style chart.

2.6. [PDF] David Bowie South Indian Birth Chart With Further Details
206-PDF-David Bowie-South

A 1 page PDF document that you can download. This document can be used to follow along with this course if you don’t already have a copy of your birth chart.

2.7. Understanding The Birth Chart
We focus on identifying the information presented in the South Indian Vedic astrology birth chart. The chart is divided into 12 “boxes” to represent each of the zodiacal signs from Aries to Pisces. The grahas (more commonly known as “planets”) reside within the signs. Furthemore, the grahas also conjunct bhava cusps (or house cusps). An additional detail are the nakṣatras that each of the grahas falls in.

2.8. Wrapping Up
Jyotiṣa is the illumination of your life path; your path of dharma. How aware are you of what events, situations and conversations will show up in your life? How can you prepare your framework of belief to undertake actions that become congruent to that unique observer you are in the world?

Section 3 – Basic Chart Reading
Template & Associated Keywords

For Rāśis, Bhavas and Grahas
This section is 35 minutes long. You will learn how to read a Vedic astrology birth chart using the provided fill-in-the-blanks type of template with the appropriate keywords.

3.1. Overview
A welcome video to let you know what you will learn. You will get a video covering each of the PDF worksheets and learn how to interpret them.

3.2. Graha Keywords
The grahas are the “seizers” or “planets” in Vedic astrology and these are the energies that seek to produce and fulfil their goals. I illustrate a few of the keywords related to each of these grahas and what they hope to fulfil.

3.3. [PDF] Graha Keywords
Graha keywords
A 1 page PDF document that you can download and have available to you as you use the basic chart reading template.

3.4. Rāśi Keywords
The rāśis are sections of the zodiac that are broken into 30 degree sections. They are more commonly known by their names of “Aries” “Taurus” “Gemini” “Cancer” “Leo” “Virgo” “Libra” “Scorpio” “Sagittarius” “Capricorn” “Aquarius” “Pisces”. In this video you’ll learn what the keywords are for each of the rāśis.

3.5. [PDF] Rāśi Keywords

A 2 page PDF document that you can download and have available to you as you use the basic chart reading template.

3.6.Bhava Keywords
The bhavas are usually called “houses” in common terminology but in Vedic astrology, it’s more accurate to see the bhavas as “concrete, existing points in reality”. In Sanskrit, the word “bhava” means several things including: “coming into existence; birth; origin; produced from…” A key concept is to understand that each bhava flows from one to another.

3.7. [PDF] Bhava Keywords

A 2 page PDF document that you can download and have available to you as you use the basic chart reading template.

3.8. Basic Chart Reading Template
At a basic level, the Vedic astrology birth chart is about showing the path of life you are on. This path is for you to fulfil your dharma and mature yourself in the physical realm as well as the emotional and mental realm. The important points to find in the birth chart are the Ascendant (Asc. or “lagna” in Sanskrit).

3.9. [PDF] Basic Chart Reading

This is the Basic Chart Reading Template and is a 2 page PDF document that you can download and have available to you for study. There are 15 sentences that you can use to provide a basic interpretation of a Vedic astrology birth chart.

3.10. CASE STUDY: Basic Chart Reading Template Applied To David Bowie’s Birth Chart
This video describes how to use the Basic Chart Reading Template and apply it to David Bowie’s birth chart. The invitation for you is to use the same template and apply the same process to your birth chart. What do you notice? How does it resonate with you?

3.11.Wrapping Up
A quick video to wrap up the learning for this section. The invitation is to have all the keywords handy along with the Basic Chart Reading Template and “put all the pieces together.” One possible use is to see the connections, the similarities and themes that are common to your interpretation.

Section 4 – Adding Nuance To Your

Basic Chart Reading Template
This section is about 8 minutes long. There are several PDF documents that can add more detail to your reading. Download them and have them with you as you interpret your Vedic birth chart.

4.1. Overview
The invitation is to take the keywords from the following PDFs and apply them to your Vedic astrology birth chart. As you spend time doing this, you will notice patterns show up for you. These patterns can help you interpret and notice that unique observer you are in the world.

4.2. [PDF] List Of All Keywords (+ Extras!)

A 2 page PDF document with a lot of information and keywords relating to the planets, the signs, goals and finally houses.

4.3. Rāśi Qualities

The rāśis are the environments in which the grahas operate. Some of these environments are conducive for the grahas to fulfil their goals. Some aren’t. What are your planetary placements? How have those been helpful in fulfilling your goals?

4.4. [PDF] Rāśi Qualities
A 2 page PDF document that you can download with many details about the rāśis or the zodiacal signs.

4.5. [PDF] Bhava Translations

A 2 page PDF document which lists the translations from Vedic astrology’s most authoritative source, Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra or BHPS for short.

Section 5 – Conclusion & Next Steps
This section is about 8 minutes long. Here are a few final steps to integrate your learning in this course so far.

5.1. Read Your Vedic Astrology (Jyotiṣa ) Birth Chart – Conclusion
This course was about applying a Basic Chart Reading Template to your Vedic astrology birth chart. Along the way you were introduced to concepts such as “grahas” and “rāśis” and “bhavas”. Each of these words are rich in meaning and interpretation. As you applied the simple 15-sentence fill-in-the-blank template, what did you notice showed up for you? How will you make use of this information to guide your framework of belief and your actions? I leave you with the invitation to continue to study your birth chart and allow it to speak to you! Best wishes!

5.2. [BONUS] An Invitation To Work With Me, Your Leadership Life Coach
I’ve worked with clients from all around the world. And every interaction with them is a tremendous joy! I invite you to work with me, as a leadership life coach, to create that life that has meaning and value for you.

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