Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to Learning Social Media Marketing with Stories!
  • Course introduction and overview
  • How is the course structured? How to use it?
  • Which social media platform to use and learn first? How to get started?
  • How to figure out what to learn next in social media marketing
  • Know about the law of averaging principle in human psychology.
  • Facebook is amazing for building healthy long term relationships online.
  • YouTube is incredible for organic search traffic that provides leads and sales.
  • Twitter can be your website’s number one traffic source.
  • LinkedIn can get you found for a better job and connect you with new clients.
  • Pinterest is where your fashion and home improvement products can take off!
  • Instagram is unmatched for sharing photos and getting an audience fast
  • Facebook
  • Most activity on Facebook occurs in the newsfeed and in messages.
  • Your Facebook timeline is a place where you build trust and relationships.
  • If you are not sure what you are doing yet, stick to a personal profile.
  • Facebook pages, groups, and your profile
  • When is it worth it to make a Facebook page How different is my new page from my first page
  • Making a Facebook page branded with my name is my long term solution.
  • Changing your profile picture on Facebook is the easiest way to get likes
  • What type of status will get the most clicks, likes, comments, and shares
  • How to get someone to accept your friend request on Facebook
  • I just wanted to promote myself on Facebook and here is what followed
  • Facebook messaging strategy that landed me my biggest client and hundreds of others
  • Where to get help from Facebook when you have problems
  • What strategy I am using for Facebook posts and my page today.
  • Overview of what I am doing now with my Facebook ads
  • How to quickly make effective Facebook ad campaigns
  • YouTube
  • YouTube is awesome for organic search traffic
  • Welcome to YouTube! Here are the two places people spend time with you on YouTube
  • Introduction to the creator studio and the one thing you need to do to be successful on YouTube
  • Uploading new YouTube videos and looking at your analytics is how success is built
  • Your community on YouTube is where you turn your work into gold
  • Your YouTube channel features explained including how to get a subscribe button
  • Thinking global first on YouTube is your path to local domination
  • Easy ways to make viral YouTube videos based on my experience with 20 videos.
  • How I made my first viral video on YouTube with Google hangouts on air
  • Making a viral YouTube video with the YouTube editor
  • How to make a YouTube video without even filming using someone else’s video.
  • Making viral video game YouTube videos with elgato game capture HD.
  • Make a viral YouTube video easy! High demand topic with low competition!
  • How did I get 100,000+ YouTube views on a video in 2 weeks?
  • Hiring freelancers to produce videos on in demand subjects.
  • Summary of how I make viral videos on YouTube.
  • Twitter
  • What is Twitter best for? Website traffic and social proof
  • Welcome to Twitter! Learn the basics right here
  • What type of tweet gets the best engagement What does Google do
  • How to make a picture tweet that fills the newsfeed
  • How did I get so many followers on Twitter
  • How to search for the right people to follow and your ideal followers on Twitter
  • How following people on Twitter earns me so many followers
  • Unfollowing people not following you back is the key to building your followers
  • Auto posting new YouTube videos uploaded to Twitter
  • Autoposting with HootSuite is how you reach all your Twitter followers
  • How to combine Facebook and Twitter to get boosted organic reach with CoPromote
  • Linkedin
  • What is most important on LinkedIn and what are the basic features
  • How I made an all star LinkedIn profile and how you can too
  • Getting the perfect LinkedIn profile picture. You will not believe which one I use
  • How to make a powerful LinkedIn profile summary optimized for SEO
  • Using media in the summary section of your LinkedIn profile
  • Strategies for adding connections on LinkedIn
  • A powerful strategy using LinkedIn posts to get people reading your blog
  • If you want people to read your blog, start blogging on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn messaging for connections, relationships, and leads.
  • LinkedIn groups are where you do expand your network on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn Pulse has your news and is where you can get your organic traffic
  • How to search for jobs and find better jobs to apply to on LinkedIn jobs
  • LinkedIn premium accounts explained.
  • Pinterest
  • The Pinterest homepage and thank you for learning about Pinterest with me!
  • How to make a pin on Pinterest
  • Pinterest profile overview with boards
  • Pinterest demographics explained for 2015. Pinterest is mostly US young adult and mid aged women
  • How most organic engagement on Pinterest happens through pinning out of the newsfeed
  • Pinning onto a board in Pinterest is like putting a note in your scrapbook
  • How you can interact with pins on Pinterest, like Pins, and share Pins on Facebook
  • How to add followers and get followers on Pinterest by adding friends
  • Pinterest boards! How to make a board and make a pin to it.
  • Pinterest boards explained in depth with examples of following just one board
  • Where notifications are on Pinterest and how you can see who is following you
  • Pinterest business account. How to join as a business or convert your personal account.
  • Pinterest analytics available for businesses show you impressions and audience!
  • Instagram
  • How I got 500 new followers on instagram easy!
  • How I failed my way into success with social media marketing!
  • How I failed my way to success with social media marketing
  • What am I doing on social media now Where am I spending my time and ad budget
  • I Failed to Promote My Own Website on Social Media so I Offered to Help Others!
  • Was my first profitable website a success or failure with Facebook marketing?
  • Twitter SEO victory and account suspension.
  • My first painful failure on YouTube with a copyright notice strike penalty.
  • Who gets their LinkedIn account suspended? I did at least make one sale.
  • Two mentions nationwide in business journals for ruining a social media contest.

Course Curriculum

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