This package is interesting for companies and self-employed people as well as for private individuals.

This is a complete package of stock material. Everything with user rights.

Possibly the largest package in the world. The package consists of:

  • More than 200,000 HD stock photos
  • More than 10,000 video clips
  • More than 1000 illustrations
  • More than 1000 background music

Designer Professional: 200,000 HD stock photos with training

Do you want everything you make to look professional? Then this package is for you.

More and more companies understand that without good presentations they will not win the competition. There is therefore a lot of demand from the market for professional designers.
More and more people want to let them stand out for their own use. Whether it’s about your social media pages from an invitation card that you design yourself.

Students want to prepare their reports nicely and be proud of their PowerPoint presentations.

In short: this package is also interesting for companies and freelancers as well as for private individuals.

To make a good presentation, video brochure, you need:

  • Good stock material
  • Knowledge of the most used programs

Content (minimum):
Normally you pay euros made for the business use of a stock photo. In this package you get more than 100,000 HD photos and 10,000 HD video clips. All this with user rights. The value is huge. In addition, you also get PowerPoint templates, clip arts and free music for movies.

Inhoud (minimaal):

  • 200,000 HD photos
  • 15,000 HD video clips
  • 1000 music clips
  • 1000 illustrations

Everything is free of user rights. You get links to download the material. Total around 250 Gb.

Categories of stock photos:

Abstract, Adhd, Advertising, Adwords, Aerial, Africa, African Animal, Air, Air Travel, Airline, Alcohol, Analytics, Animals, Anti-aging, Apartment, Apps, Architect, Army, Art, Article, Arts and vintages picture, Assertiveness, Audience, Australia Animal, Baby’s, Background for clips, Background Gifs, Backgrounds, Ball, Ballet, Bank, Bar, Basket, Bathroom, Beaches, Beauty, Bedrooms, Beds, Photos\Beer, Photos\Bike, Photos\Bikes, Bikini, Birds, Birthday, Blanco, Blog, Blood, Board, Body, Bokeh, Books, Boot, Boots, Box, Boys, Brain, Bridges, Building, Building panorama, Bullying, Burnout, Bus, Bush, Business, Bussines Man and Women, Butterfly, Cades cove, Cafe and Coffee, Cake, Camera, Camping, Candy, Capital, Cars, Cars & Bikes, Cat’s, Cement, Chair, Chearleader, Chicken, Child, Children, China, Chocolate, Christian, Christmas, Church, Cigarette, City, City Lights, Clock, Clock & Time, Close-up diversen, Clothes, Clouds, Coaching, Coat, Coffee, Communication, Company, Computers, Concentration, Concept, Construction, Contentmarketing, Contract, Contracts, Cook, Cookies, Cooking, Couch, Country, Crab, Creek, Cruise, Culture, Cursusfotos, Cute Baby, Cycle, Darmen, Darts, Data, Daten, Day, Design, Detox, Diamond, Dinner, Dinosaur, Director, Dirt, Dishwasher, Doctor, Dog, Domains, Door, Drinks, DVD’s, Earth, Easter Stock Images, Ecoaching, E-commerce, deals, Economics, Editorial, Education, E-mail marketing, Emotion, Emotions, Energy, Engineering, England, Entertainment, Evening, Event, Exam, Exercise, Eye, Eyes, Fabrique, Face, Facebook, Family, Farm, Farming, Fashion, Father, Feet, Fence, Field, Film, Finance, Finger, Fire, Fireworks, Fish, Fishing, Fit women, Fitness, Flags, Flowers, Food, Food – Cancer, Food tips, Foods, Foods – Confectionery, Foods – Pizza, Foods- Salad, Football, Fotolia, Fotolia 2, Fotolia 3, Fotolia 4, Fruit, Fuel, Furniture, Gadget, Game, Garden, Gift, Girls, Glass, Gluten, Gold, Golf, Google, Government, Grafity, Graphic, Graphic Toolkit, Grass, Grunge, Guitar, GUY, Hair, Halloween, Handicap, Hands, Happy, Head, Health, Health & Sports, Healthy, Heart, History, Holiday, Home & Garden, Horse, Hospital, Hotel, Hotel And Resto, House, House and mortage, HQ, HTML, Ice Hockey, ICONS, Industry, Information, Insects, Inspiration, Instagram, Interiors, Internet, IP, Jetlag, Jew, Jewelry, Juice, Kids, Kindergarden, King, Kissing, knowledge, Lab, Ladies, Lake, Land, Landscape, Law, Leader, Leisure, Letter, Life, Life and Nature, Lights, Linkedin, Liquor, Lock, Losing weight, Love, Lunch, Machine, Make-up, Marketing, Marriage, Mediation, Medical, Medicine, Meeting, Men, Metabolism, Metal, Migraine, Mind, Mindfulness, Minister, Miscellaneous, Miscellaneous pack, Miscellaneous pack part 2, Mobi, Model, Money, Morning, Mother, Motorcycle, Mountain, Movie, Music, Nature, Nature – Snow, Nature – Water, Nature and panoramic scene photography, Network, Newspaper, Night, Nintendo, No Background images, Nutrition, Objects, Office, Officer, Orange, Organisation, Other, Paint, Painting, Paper, Parent, Park, Party, Patient, Pattern, Pen, People, People In Actions, People Stock Images, Person, Pet, Pets, Photography, Photomarketing, Photomodels, Photoshop, Piano, Picasa, Picture, Pictures, fotolia, Pinterest, Pizza, Places, Planes, Plant, Plants, Playstation, Plumber, PNG, Pokemon, Pollution, Pool, Population, Position, POSTERS, Power, PowerPoint, Pregnancy, Pregnant, President, Pressure, Price, Product, Production, Professor, Promo, Property, Psychologie, QR code, Queen, Quit Smoking, Radio, Rain, Random, Range, Recipe, Recreations, Red embrella, Region, Relation, Religion (non christian), Reptiles, Resorts, Rest, Restaurant, Retro, Reuma, River, Roads & Traffics, Rocks, Salad, Sales, Scenic, School, Science, Screen, Sea, Security, SENIOREN, SEO, Ship, Shoe, Shop, Shopping, Shopping & Market, Shower, Shutterstock, SickSilver, Size, Skiing, Skyscraper, Sleep, Slogans, Smoking, SMS, Snapchat, Snow, Soad, Social Media, Social Media Books, Social Media Introduction, Society, Software, Space, Sport, Sports, Sportswar, taff, Stage, State, Statues, Stedelijk, Step, Stock, Story, Stove, Straling, Street, Stress, Strom, Student, Studio, Succes, Success, Sun, Sunset, Superfood-rawfood, Supermarket, Suplements, Sweets, System, Table, Tax, Tea, Teacher, Team, Teamwork, Technology, Teeth, Television, Textures, Thought, Tiger, Time, Tire, Tools, Town, Traffic, Training, Trainingen, Transport, Transportation, Travel, Trees, Trucks, Twitter, Umbrella, University, Urban, USA Flags, Usability, webtechniek & design, Vacation, Various Stock Photos, Vegetable, Vegetarian, Vegetarians, Video, Vintage, Virus, Walls, War, Water, Wave, Wealth, Weather, Website, Wedding, Week, Weight, Weight Loss, Wellness-beauty, White background, Wife, Wind, Windows, Windows 10, Wine, Wintersport, Women, Women & Girls, Womensmile, Wood, Word, Worker, Working, World, Writing, Xbox, Y Lone, Yoga, Youtube, Zeeland



Note: The package is more than 250 GB of data. Take into account the long download time. The package is available on hard disk for an additional charge. Mail to us via the contact form.

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