In this course you will learn how to secure an Ubuntu Linux server against attacks from hackers because these simple steps can block most basic hacking attempts and provide peace of mind when running our servers.

Why take the 45 minutes to quickly secure our servers as soon as we get them?

Amateur hackers can crack our default hosting provider settings fairly easily using programs downloaded from the Internet. We can block these hacks with just a few minutes of running the commands in the Command Line Interface I show here and signing in with RSA keys instead of passwords!

I hope that this course filmed using Ubuntu Linux 16.04 will be useful for you.

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction

  • Secure an Ubuntu Linux Server from Hackers Today!
  • Choosing a server host and setup

2. Getting started with the Ubuntu Linux server

  • Accessing the Ubuntu Linux server with putty
  • How to download Putty for Windows
  • Using a password manager like LastPass
  • Changing the password with passwd.
  • Adding a new user with adduser
  • Signing in with the added user
  • Usermod to give the user sudo or root privileges
  • Verify sudo access on user

3. Basic Linux commands & tools

  • Key basic Linux commands cd pwd and ls
  • Updating with apt-get update
  • Installing nano text editor.
  • Updating sshd_config with nano to PermitRootLogin no

4. Securing the server

  • Changing the SSH port from 22 to another number
  • Setting up RSA login by generating keys with puttygen
  • Disabling password logins and ipv6 listening
  • Locked out of server and have to start over!

5. Fresh install & more settings

  • Back in with a fresh install!
  • Installing fail2ban to block IPs from repeated failed logins
  • Install UFW or Uniform Fire Wall to block some DDOS attacks and hacking attempts
  • Install and configure ntp to sync time

6. Conclusion

  • Thank you very much for watching this complete Ubuntu Linux server security setup tutorial



Steem witness setup finishing adding a new user

Steem witness setup installing steem docker

Steem witness setup downloading blocks

01 Secure an Ubuntu Linux Server from Hackers Today!

Course Curriculum

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