Get a Proven Training Course That Helps People Learn the Foundational Principles of Effective Sales Copywriting…and How to Use ChatGPT to Accomplish Some of It!


Includes exercises for both sales copywriting and writing product descriptions! This complete 17-module, 55-part video course teaches your customers the core principles of using copywriting for their business in a practical non-fluff manner that gets them positive results right away! (see the full list of modules and videos below, including real customer testimonials).

Even If You Plan to Use AI to Generate Your Sales Copy, Learning the Foundational Principles of Copywriting is Essential!

Many entrepreneurs and business owners are turning to AI tools to quickly generate sales copy.

And that’s understandable—AI can churn out pages of copy with just a few clicks.

But while AI tools have come a long way, they still lack a fundamental understanding of effective copywriting principles.

And That Means Relying solely on AI-generated copy is a risky proposition.

  • Emotional Ebb and Flow Missteps: Unlike humans, who are masters at weaving emotions into their words, AI stands on the shores of emotional intelligence. It often misses the boat in capturing those heartfelt waves that truly connect with an audience in copywriting.

  • The Subtlety Snag: In its quest to master language, AI can trip over the delicate lace of nuance and context. Persuasive copywriting is a dance of cultural, social, and individual rhythms—a dance that AI sometimes finds hard to keep in step with.

  • Creative Spark Short-Circuit: AI operates within the bounds of learned patterns and data. Yet, it often lacks the spontaneous burst of creativity and the uncharted thought pathways that blaze trails in innovative copywriting.

  • Brand Voice Chameleon Challenges: When it comes to mimicking and adapting to the unique symphony of a brand’s voice and tone, AI tools can struggle to find the right pitch. This harmony is essential for carving out a distinct brand identity in the world of copywriting.

More often than not, AI copy lacks the nuance, emotional appeal, and strategic structure of human-written sales messaging. 

It might technically get the job done, but it leaves tons of money on the table by failing to truly connect with readers and compel them to action.

That’s why, even as you experiment with AI copywriting tools, it’s critical that you learn the building blocks of high-converting copy yourself.

Understand what makes a strong headline,

the proper structure for sales letters,

and how to speak to your reader’s deepest needs and motivations.

With a solid grasp of copywriting basics, you’ll give your AI helper a huge leg up.

And you’ll be able to carefully evaluate any AI-generated copy and revise it to achieve better results.

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