Best Methods Of Communication For Getting Things Done

Good communication skills in the workplace are the key to unlocking productivity, enhancing employee growth as well as guaranteeing beautiful returns. If your work is suffering because of poor communication in the workplace you need to begin looking for the best methods of communicating with the people you are working with. Once you put those approaches or tips to good use, you will be amazed at the pace at which you and everyone else at the office reach goals, meet deadlines, and come up with groundbreaking ideas. Effective communication is the only way of getting things done at work, school, etc. Good communication can also give birth to great relationships and rebuild broken ones. 

Best methods of communication that ensure things get done in the workplace. 

  • One on one communication.

   Communicating with your workers or team members face to face makes it easier for you to clearly understand the real issues or problems that each person has concerning their work or the overall project that everyone is involved in. One on one communication is effective in that some of your team members may not be comfortable expressing their views in a room full of people. Some people prefer providing their opinions in less crowded environments. So, give it a try. You will be amazed at how innovative your seemingly uncreative and “noiseless” workers are.

  • Brief and upbeat meetings.

  Calling a meeting to announce the new project that has just come up must not end with you assigning roles or delegating work. You have to go the extra mile. Meaning, you have to constantly keep communication flowing to confirm that everyone is on track. Hold short and vibrant meetings throughout the process. Don’t just assume that everyone knows what they are supposed to do or that they know how they are to carry out work. 

  • Presentations.

  Visual presentations play a major role in helping everyone remember the information they are supposed to use and keep. So, include visual presentations or PowerPoint presentations the next time you hold a meeting to help your team keep the material you are giving them. 

  • Video conferencing.

   Video conferencing or communicating through video software such as Skype or Zoom are excellent ways of keeping everyone involved and listening to everyone’s views despite their location especially if your team works remotely half the time.

  • Sending out clear concise Emails.

   Let’s be honest, reading emails can be exhausting. If you are working for an organization that mainly uses email to communicate with their employees you know what I’m talking about. You just click on some of the emails you receive and force yourself to go through the content because quite frankly you don’t have a choice. But how much of the information do you remember at the end of the day? Probably not as much as you are expected to. 

So, compose and send clear concise emails that get straight to the point without tiring your recipient before they get to the most important part of the email you have sent out. Brief clear emails are a great way of communicating what you want or expect from the people you work with. 

If you begin practicing some of the methods mentioned I guarantee you, you will start seeing changes in your company. 

Remember the best way of getting everyone on the same page when it comes to getting things done is by remaining open-minded as a leader and creating an environment that encourages everyone to express their opinion.

Be open to new ideas and respect the opinion of other people even if it is not similar to what you had in mind. 

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