The Secrets Of Patience

“Patience is a virtue” that is something that we have all heard, but some of us do not know what that even means. The only time we think about patience is when we are in situations where we can bring up how impatient we are or how difficult situations are but we never take time to introspect and look into why we are not patient. Life is challenging and the tough skin that we are told to have sometimes does not help us out. The secret to life is being patient, being patient with yourself, being patient with life, and being patient with the people around. Life has a way of revealing what matters and that which we cannot live without and every season of our lives teaches us patience. We wait for all the important things in life nothing happens instantaneously, all good things are worth the wait.

As a person who has had to learn how to be patient, I have learned that one of the secrets of patience is understanding that the wait is magical. When we write exams and we are at the stage of waiting for results that is the time when you should take a breath, allow yourself to be present because the minute that you get the results it is time to focus on something else. Unfortunately, we get impatient for the results and get anxious and start dwelling on the what-ifs of the results and we worry ourselves to a point of exhaustion. What we need to learn is that the wait is a period to rejuvenate; it is a time to be present and to clap for ourselves. 

Patience is a gift but your perception is what allows you to see patience for the gift it is. Patience affects every sphere of your life and being impatient is bound to affect every sphere of your life. If you are unable to be patient with the people around you you will not be patient with yourself. Mind over matter is one of the things that will save you with regards to patience. How you look at the world will determine whether you can come to terms with the fact that patience is a gift that is meant to be embraced by us all because we need it to get through life.

The good news about patience is that you can always work on being patient as it is one way to guarantee that you can make it through frustrations and adversity. If you are a patient being you will always be cognizant of the fact that nothing lasts forever and you can wait out every storm that you are faced with in life. As you wait for that cup of coffee allow yourself to not think about how late you are running or how you have so many things to do and you cannot wait to leave the coffee shop, try to focus on taking in the scenery and how good it will feel to drink your coffee. Make it a habit to remind yourself that you deserve a minute to breathe and to be patient with life.

A secret of patience that may be hard to come to terms with is the fact that to be patient you need to practice patience. Patience is unfortunately one of the things that we need to work on, the saying practice makes perfect applies perfectly to the process of learning how to be patient. Understand that patience is a process that you need to get accustomed to and you cannot rush your way through it. Many of us are very hard on ourselves and because of how hard we work and the commitment we put into things; it is very hard to be patient. We expect quick results and we expect that everything that we put effort into bears positive results but sometimes what we get is lessons and that is when we need patience the most.

Being patient allows us to gather our thoughts and not act impulsively. It is the deciding factor of whether we allow circumstances to alter our state of mind and to continue working towards what we want. If we learn to be patient, we can see them here and now for the blessing that it is instead of living under a cloud of constantly worrying about the future. I came across a saying that states that ‘patience is the pause that helps us get our thoughts back in order and our feelings under control’. Use patience to help you make better decisions and it can be a lesson on self-control and persistence.

The secret with patience that should be the takeaway is that like everything else you need to work on it and it will not happen overnight. While it is not easy patience can be learned but you need to be willing to do the work. Do not be quick to brand yourself as impatient as you will not give yourself a fair fighting chance. As the saying goes ‘patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting’, so keep the good attitude and give yourself time to learn how to be patient.

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