Microsoft Teams is Growing in Popularity…

Which Means Usage Is Increasing…

Sell To Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs To Give Them The Power to Collaborate With Anyone Anywhere
Microsoft Teams was long overdue.  Because it uses the platforms that we’re all familiar with Word, PowerPoint, One Note and Excel, the usage is growing with solopreneurs, business owners and office workers.  And if any of your work connects with these people, expect to get asked…”Are you on Microsoft Teams”?

And in these times, its more likely than not that somebody that you or your customer is used to dealing with in person…will now be dealt with online only.  Gone are the long meetings with paper pushed and folder carried.  In are the days of collaboration in real time with voice, video and text.

Microsoft Teams is a flexible interface, but finding everything is a challenge.  And figuring out how to get everything working isn’t necessary all that obvious.  But we’ve done the work of getting it in order for you.  We made it so that you can just get all of basics out of the way and then start focusing on your projects.

Once you and your customers understand Teams, you will be able to plan and prepare your own projects as well as those you work with and work for.

You and Your Customers Can Become an Overnight Authority With Our Simple To Follow Training and Instruction

Be Steady When Everybody Else is Freaking Out
When you get a product to use or to sell, you want to sell it not just today, but a month from now…or even years from now.  And we are definitely at the point where streaming video will be a part of every day life both now in the in the future.

Once they take the course, they’ll see that it’s something that…although technical is something that they definitely can do.  They’ll have it demonstrated to them step by step.

All that means for you is that once they get into the course and they see it working, they’ll learn to trust and rely on you.  They’ll see that you can come up with the knowledge they need when they need it most.

So, it’s a way for you to be a steady presence…when everybody is wondering what to do and how to do it.  You actually have the answers.   In a no-fluff way that respects their time.

You Can Position yourself with an Evergreen Course which is Perfect for Newbies AND Advanced Marketers…

Here’s What You’re Getting:
20 High Level Step by Step Over the Shoulder Videos


  • 0000 – Overview – Microsoft Teams
  • 0000 – An Important Note Aboud Document Sharing In Teams
  • 0001 – The Microsoft Teams Interface
  • 0002 – Attaching the Mobile Application to Your Account
  • 0003 – Inviting Team Members
  • 0004 – Starting A Channel within a Team
  • 0005 – Conversations Inside of the Channel Inside of the Team
  • 0006 – Meet Now within a Channel Within Teams
  • 0007 – Using the Channel Wiki Within The Team
  • 0008 – Adding Microsoft Word
  • 0009 – Conversational Elements of Microsoft Word
  • 0010 – Adding Microsoft Excel
  • 0011 – Add Microsoft PowerPoint To Teams – Part 1
  • 0012 – Adding PowerPoint To Teams – Part 2 – Other Considerations
  • 0013 – Microsoft One Note
  • 0014 – Dictation
  • 0015 – Microsoft Teams Document Sharing
  • 0016 – Microsoft Teams and One Drive
  • 0017 – Microsoft Teams Channel Settings
  • 0018 – Channel Settings – Miscellaneous Top Level Changes
  • 0019 – Add a Website Tab
  • 0020 – Conclusion

Advanced video course

“Now You Can Get Instant Access To A Practical “Hands On” Video Course
With An Additional Hour of Training”

Instantly Download These Videos Which Take You Step By Step Through Three Multi-Step Processes To Solve Three Everyday Problems

  • Microsoft Teams Advanced Video – Internal
  • Module 0 Windows 11 Upgrade.
  • Module 1 Google Chrome Browser
  • Module 2 Explorer
  • Module 3 Take 2 Explorer
  • Module 4 Skype
  • Module 5 Email with Gmail
  • Module 6 Utilities
  • Module 7 Programs and Passwords
  • Module 8 Talking to Friends
  • Module 9 Outlook and Email
  • Module 10 Drives and Storage
  • Module 11 Antivirus
  • Module 12 Technical
  • Module 13 Education
  • Module 14 Networking
  • Module 15 Online Shopping
  • Module 16 What Comes Next
  • Bonus: FAQ Webinar



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