This training consists of a series of videos and books.

Having a good weight is very important. With the E-Book + the online course, you not only learn to know everything about the nutritional aspects of cleaning as described in the E-Book, but you also have access to exclusive content that shows you how to process the fat burning process with a get metabolism-boosting fitness plan to speed up; how to take back control of your eating habits with powerful appetite eliminating strategies; and how to get rid of mental stress and emotional tension so that you can de-stress while de-toxt.
This training consists of a series of videos and books. We also recommend that you look at our training reach.

Why follow this course?

When preparing this course, we used the existing sources of weight loss. We have investigated the largest methods, and we have chosen the most useful tips from them. All this information is linked to the practical experience of coaches and other professionals in the field of weight loss.

Our method combines traditional healthcare advice with the latest tools and insights from e-learning. That special combination is what makes this course unique.

Benefits of this course include:

– Easy to hold
– Cheap
– Permanent improvement
– A broad-spectrum methodology
– Advice of an immediate, practical nature
– Prepared by experts in the health industry
– Order online, no hassle
– Warm, high-quality visual presentation
– Designed to be used on its own, or in combination with our other products
history of the publication

This course is an English-language version of a tried and true Dutch course, known as the Losing Weight Course. The “Losing Weight” course her method is available through e-book and on-line video, as well as through hard-copy books and DVDs made available in stores, and has proven to be very popular

Course Curriculum

** Main course **
Losing Weight
Losing Weight – 01 – Main Course 00:00:00
Losing Weight – 02 – Exercises 00:00:00
Losing Weight – 03 – Popular diets 00:00:00
Diet Guide 00:00:00
Losing weight videos 00:00:00
Nutrition and Losing Weight – Ebooks 00:00:00
Essential Sugars 00:00:00
Losing weight with running 00:00:00
Diet and Excersice 00:00:00
Yoga and losing weight 00:00:00
Nutrition – 01 – General 00:00:00
Nutrition – 02 – Carbohydrates 00:00:00
Nutrition – 03 – Proteins 00:00:00
Nutrition – 04 – Fats 00:00:00
Nutrition – 05 – Processed and unprocessed food 00:00:00
Nutrition – 06 – Essential Sugars 00:00:00
Nutrition – 07 – Acids and alkalines 00:00:00
Nutrition -08- Nitrate 00:00:00
Nutrition – 09 – Gluten 00:00:00
Nutrition – 010 – Combinations 00:00:00
Eating Healthy 00:00:00
10 mythes losing weight
10 mythes losing weight – video 00:00:00
10 mythes losing weight E-book 00:00:00
Losing Weight - videos
Womens Health – Menopause and weightloss 00:00:00
FatlossXL video’s 00:00:00
FatBurnSecrets video’s 00:00:00
Certificate of Participation (free)
Course Losing Weight and Nutrition 00:00:00

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