If you want to learn how to promote an event on Facebook, you might love this course! Take this course to see my system for creating and promoting a new event I make on Facebook which results in hundreds of people attending!

When you finish this course in a few hours, you will have the opportunity to avoid the mistakes I made promoting events on Facebook and feel confident you know what to do in making your own event on Facebook!

How did I gain the experience to teach this course?

I promoted my own Facebook events and a world tour for a client. My first two Facebook events were complete disasters. I spent a lot of time, money, and energy creating and advertising events that NO ONE CAME TO!

These failures motivated me to keep trying new strategies which finally resulted in a successful event that launched my career in teaching online. You are here now because of the first successful Facebook event I did which showed me what I could do that the world would appreciate most.

My successful Facebook event led me to promoting a world tour for a client in cities across the USA. The experience from this gave me the tools to make a course for you that I hope is simple, effective, and fun!

Thank you very much for reading this and I hope to answer any questions you have in the course soon!


Course Curriculum

1. Welcome to Facebook Event Promotion from Start to Finish!

  • Use this course to take one step at a time with me promoting your Facebook event
  • What experience do I have with events on Facebook?

2. Facebook Event Basics

  • What is an event on Facebook?
  • Where do you find events on Facebook?
  • Who can create events on Facebook?
  • Planning an event that I am excited about.

3. Creating the Facebook event with a strong foundation quickly.

  • How to create an event on a Facebook page.
  • What’s holding you back from going forward with your event?
  • Setting a start and end time for the event
  • Picking an image that has no text quickly for the event.
  • Focusing everyone at one destination.
  • Writing a description that appeals exactly to the person guaranteed to attend.
  • Free events usually are much easier than paid events. Creative pricing strategy.
  • Publishing the event once everything is in place.

4. Promoting the Facebook event is where most of the work is required

  • Making a great event is all about promotion.
  • Getting the very first person to join is the most important step to start.
  • Making sure 3 people that are most important to attend are coming.
  • Inviting friends on Facebook should happen AFTER a personal message.
  • When you create the event, it is shared right away on the Facebook page.
  • Every post after the initial one should help explain more about the event.
  • Sharing the event in related groups helps get more organic reach.
  • Even while creating lectures, the message to friends worked to get another join.
  • Facebook invites are so often ignored it can take persistence to get acceptance.
  • Bigger is not always better. An event with too many people can be a disaster.
  • If no one is responding, now is a great time to change the event or try another.

5. Advertising the Facebook event is where you can reach full potential!

  • Are you ready to use Facebook advertising for your event?
  • Making the first ad for the event in the Facebook ads manager.
  • Using the power editor to quickly split test different ad creatives.
  • Copying ad sets with the Facebook ads power editor to split test audiences.

6. Reviewing the first week of promotions results and optimizing the Facebook ads

  • Reviewing the initial promotional efforts
  • Optimizing the Facebook event ads to get more joins for a lower cost.
  • Pausing ads that are ineffective and limiting the campaign spend.

7. Getting everyone excited the day before the event!

  • Posting a poll to understand what people plan on doing.
  • Every comment and response is very valuable the day before.
  • Making a post to get people excited about the event and remind those forgetting.

8. Making the day of the event into an honest effort rather than failure or success

  • Converting comments into informed people that show up
  • The day of the event is a great time for balance
  • Replacing the idea of success or failure with honesty and effort

9. Reviewing the event the day after and planning for what next?

  • How did my Facebook event go?
  • Every piece of feedback is useful good and bad!
  • What next? Finding what you love to do and doing it daily is the opportunity!

Course Curriculum

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