Welcome to the “Effortless Living” course Version 2.0, which is presented with gaming scene backgrounds. It is the continuation of the original Effortless Living: A Daily inspirational Course.

I start every day with gratitude, prayer, and reading an inspirational book. Using that energy, I then make a lecture for you talking about what I do that helps me live a happy, peaceful, and productive life. Usually this includes a comparison to what I used to do in the past that made my life and the lives of those around me miserable. I am lucky to have survived to be here with you today. I work to serve you each day in this course!

With thousands of Udemy courses you could use, why would you want to give mine a try? You will love that my course is honestly created out of the love, hope, and faith I have inside me delivered to you in the form of practical tips and helpful ways of thinking right now that will give you the chance to feel this moment!

You will enjoy that I make a new episode for you nearly every day! What I talk about is inspired by Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Malcolm Gladwell, Timothy Ferriss, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Eric Ries, Stephen R. Covey, Perry Marshall, Eben Alexander, Thich Nhat Hanh, Brené Brown, Michael E. Gerber, and Scott Adams. If you already like what they create, you will have a good chance at getting more of the same energy from taking this course!

The course is 31 hours and only available as download link (220 Gb in total)

Course Curriculum

  • Want to expand your view of life? These thought provoking lectures might help!
    • Little advantages you cannot see often produce big advantages you can
    • A little bit of effort every day plus an open mind makes learning anything easy
    • Why do we feel bad about having certain thoughts?
    • Having no secrets allows me to live without shame
    • I am never upset for the reason I think I am
    • Having more money brings new limitations.
    • Trusting inspiration consistently proves more effective than planning everything
    • When I love my family, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.
    • Motivation to avoid making fun of people
    • Everything I ask for I receive. Often it arrives in an unexpected way
    • What I believe about the world I am living in creates it.
    • Failing is okay and great for learning!
    • Praying for help with what I am doing each moment gives the fastest results
    • It only takes something happening once anywhere to make it real
    • The past had to happen the way it did and now is full of new possibilities
    • The most precious part of any relationship is the friendship
    • For every one expectation someone puts on us, we put 10 on ourselves
    • Whatever I think of other people is always what I think of myself
    • Why do we work so hard to level up when soon we will have to start over?
    • The judgmental thoughts I have are a reflection of what I have learned and not who I am.
    • The four basic problems are hungry, angry, lonely, and tired
    • What are you willing to do today to have what you need?
    • Patience is the normal state for one that is living forever.
    • How do children learn so fast and how is it possible to learn that fast at any time in life?
    • Everything is here to help you today
    • If you are in a lose:lose world where the choice is between the lesser of two evils, you can ask for a way out of this world and enter a world of win:win
    • Who are you perfectly qualified to help today?
    • Discipline is finding ways to love doing what you need to do
    • The most powerful teaching is leading by example
    • Success = Failure
  • Want to expand your view of life? – Part 2
    • The easiest way to maintain a healthy weight is to make what you eat every day into a game
    • You can learn or criticize
    • How to have a great day even when you are sick
    • Can I still be positive in a situation that consistently brought out the worst in me?
    • The “it will be better when” trap
    • How I challenge myself in a healthy way and make new expectations on what I can do
    • Do not make it worse and ask for help are two power thoughts that help me through my most challenging days
    • How to talk about problems without complaining
    • A day spent depressed, frustrated, and angry is still worth living
    • Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat
    • Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours
    • How to know tough emotions like depression, fear, and anxiety will go away?
    • What works for me get through temptation and cravings for unhealthy behavior?
    • You are never alone with your problems because someone else is struggling with almost the same thing you are right now
    • A little improvement in thinking each day adds up to a miracle fast
    • You must do the things you think you cannot do
    • Put your heart, mind, and soul into even the smallest acts. This is the secret of success
    • There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure
    • No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted
    • I got mad while gaming and it took me hours to recover
    • Today I struggled with trying not to fix a family member
    • A few simple rules for helping other people
    • What if everyone else is right
    • One of the most challenging days I have had recently
    • What is the truth about me
    • The “life used to be great and now it is not” story
    • Expect nothing and everything is awesome
    • Being grateful for the good things that are and the bad things that are not happening
    • The illusion of private thoughts
    • Evidence will always be found for that which is believed
  • Want to expand your view of life? – Part 3
    • How do people do so many amazing things?
    • The courage to try new things knowing that failure is the most likely result
    • The benefits of completing annoying tasks as soon as possible
    • A test to discover your current mental health state
    • Everything I say reflects my private inner reality
    • What does not kill you makes you stronger!
    • There’s nothing wrong with being a little depressed
    • Having fun without consequences is possible
    • Why do we punish ourselves
    • Be the change you want to see in the world
    • A lot of little rewards provide much more than a few big rewards.
    • Matter and energy cannot be destroyed therefore I must have the same properties.
    • Freedom from fear is available now because nothing can happen that will not fade
    • Today I listened to the small voice that warns against temptation
    • Attacks and criticism give me everything I need to improve
    • Waking up on the wrong side of the bed and restarting
    • The “I will be happy when” trap
    • The benefit of breaking big tasks that are overwhelming into small parts
    • Being excited to mess something up
    • Thank you I have nothing to complain about challenge
    • Coming out of denial that a problem exists is the first step to a solution
    • Just because there is nobody around does not mean you are alone
    • What will you need in the future that is being prepared today?
    • It takes a lot of effort to control others. Today I spend that effort on paying attention to what I am doing
    • The only thing there is to like or not like about me is how I feel about the world and myself
    • What I do when facing criticism and attacks.
    • Being free of the basic instinct to complain when anything is wrong is a miracle
    • What is there to lose in a game online?
    • The difference between knowing and guessing
    • Virtue can only flourish among equals
  • Want to expand your view of life? – Part 4
    • Amazing things happen when I do the right thing now without understanding what I can get out of it later
    • 99% of the difficulties I face in my life, I create
    • Why do I have the same 10 goals each day_
    • Most of what happens in life is good. Our default programming is to focus mostly on the bad
    • What you do not know is often more important than what you do know
    • We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them
    • A health condition can be an opportunity for learning and growth
    • It never is anyone else. It always is about my reaction
    • List of helpful books I read for self help
    • List of helpful books I read as an entrepreneur online
    • What solutions am I working on today that are making my problems worse?
    • What if you cannot get ahead in life?
    • What is the true purpose of what I am doing today?
    • There is nothing I can get that would make me any happier
    • Building a deeper relationship with the people already in my life gives me much more than trying to bring new people in
    • Being trustworthy makes it easier to trust others.
    • There are no other people
    • It does not matter if you make a mistake because you can always try again
    • Timing is everything and I cannot control it
    • The only things that can offend me are those I believe are true about me
    • Why is it we know what to do and do not do it?
    • The best revenge is living well
    • I am not responsible for my first thought today, only the second
    • My 7-month-old daughter shows more patience and honesty than I do
    • Where do I get the idea that I can do it all?
    • When I find something that works, I try to do it every day
    • It is not what is done to me that causes the most pain. It is the stories I tell about it that hurt the most
    • The most dangerous time for me is after I make the first mistake
    • Sometimes not having things go my way can be the best thing that happens to me
    • The most effective method of learning and teaching is by example
  • Want to expand your view of life? – Part 5
    • Nothing is a waste of time that I learn from
    • You cannot fix what you do not know is broken
    • What is the difference between religion and spirituality
    • Life is filled with magic today
    • Most of the attacks I think are coming from others really come from me
    • Life is filled with everyday opportunities for faith
    • Honesty and effort instead of success and failure
    • Death was what I worked so hard to achieve most of my life
    • With a good attitude, the things I want are given to me
    • There is nothing wrong with you.
    • A deeper look at history provides peace and excitement for me today!
    • Depression relief strategies working for me today
    • Proof we have eternal life today!
    • What greater treasures can we have than faith, courage, and love_
    • The things that annoy me about other people show me what I really believe about myself
    • Anxiety relief strategies working for me today to eliminate 95% of the anxiety I used to experience
    • When I started believing in death, I lost my life. When I stopped believing in death, I got it back
    • What I give is what I receive
    • Incompetence is usually a sign people are doing too much and amazingly the solution often is to do less!
    • A life lived free of getting in my own way is one where I can reach my full potential
    • In any relationship I can fix any of the problems I am having
    • There is no avoiding life’s difficulties and I have learned I can get through mine faster
    • The information I consume is just as important as the food I eat
    • What we work so hard to get we often already have
    • Awkward silence no longer exists for me
    • Disagreeing is something I avoid today.
    • Why I avoid fighting anyone or anything.
    • Getting something better in life is easier when I am willing to give something up for it
    • Many of the best parts of my life were found and built in times of struggle
    • The phrase I am uncomfortable helps me get through difficult feelings fast
    • Why do I play Call of Duty Black Ops 3 zombies while talking about life?
    • Anytime I am having trouble with someone else’s behavior it is always because I do not want to look at how I am acting
    • The only real power I have is what I choose to pay attention to
    • There is no substitute for practice
    • How life is like a game of zombies on Black Ops 3!
    • There is nothing we have that we can keep
    • The word “always” has mostly been eliminated from my vocabulary
    • How I discovered I did believe in God when I thought I was agnostic
    • The truth about strangers
    • How I found happiness in life by seeing beyond and into death

Course Curriculum

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