Do You Suffer From ASTHMA? Chronic asthma is a paralyzing, suffocating and socially isolating condition that can cause anxiety that can trigger even more attacks. Before you know it you are caught in a vicious cycle!

Put an end to the dependence on inhalers, buying expensive drugs and avoidance of allergenic situations and animals. Get control of your life again and Deal With Asthma Naturally!

Is Asthma affecting your life in these ways?

* Do you avoid going to fairs, zoos and other public events where there might be animals for fear of having an asthma attack?

* Do you avoid going to gardens or outside because of a fear that you can’t breathe?

* Have you heard other people complaining about how high maintenance you are because of your asthma behind your back?

* Are you constantly vacuuming to try and get rid of the triggers for your asthma?

* Are you spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on air cleaners hoping to remove airborne triggers for your asthma?

* Do you avoid public places because you need to avoid smokers?

* Are you terrified of trying any new foods or experiences because you don’t know if they will trigger an attack?

* Do you avoid taking any fun risks in your life in general, such as going on an amusement park ride, for fear you will have an attack?

* Do you avoid necessary emotional confrontations because you are afraid the stress from extreme emotions will trigger an attack?

* Do you avoid being around air conditioners because they make you feel even worse?

* Do you fear that the corticosteroid inhalant you are taking is going to eventually cost you your eyesight or weaken your bones?

* Is your face puffy from taking corticosteroid inhalants?

* Does your heart race every time you use your asthma inhaler?

* Are you smoking to try and self-medicate and quell your fears about asthma?

* Have you been passed over for a job promotion because your asthmatic condition has had the effect of your boss seeing you as sickly?

* Are you losing sleep because you are tortured by thoughts of not being able to breathe?

* Are you gaining weight because running or jogging or any kind of exercise makes you huff and puff and triggers an attack?

* Do you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks that are about the fear of having an asthma attack?

* Do you live in fear that your asthma can kill you? Pay attention to your intuition – this is not an unreasonable fear – asthma can be lethal!

Are You Ready to Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Asthma? Learn how to specifically handle all of these situations in Dealing With Asthma Naturally including —

* Environmental triggers

* Weather triggers

* Cats and cat urea

* Hamsters gerbils and mice

* Rabbits

* Dust Mites

* Beg bugs

* Moulds

* Funguses

* Plant spores

* Pollen

* Cockroaches


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