How do I slightly whiten my teeth on that profile photo? Or how do I adjust the background of the photo? How do I straighten the horizon?

This simple Photoshop CC course makes it easy to quickly master how you can adjust each photo to your wishes. From the first chapter in which we explain the basic principles to adjusting profile photos and product photos, you can take on the entire process in a simple and clear way.

Photoshop is the most used image editing software in the world. It is used by almost every company to make images for their web page look as good as possible. In addition, it is used by many individuals for a variety of purposes.


What do you learn in this course?

– Document settings

– Hot keys

– Place your own watermark

– Cut out objects

– Modify your text

– Modify your portrait

– Layers & grouping

– And much more


Who is the course for?

This Photoshop course is suitable for anyone who wants to use Adobe Photoshop to edit photos and images for websites, printed matter or presentations. Have you never worked with Photoshop? Then you can simply participate in this training. You quickly learn what you can do with Photoshop and why this is such a popular program.


Table of contents

1.1 – Introduction

1.2 – Hot keys, Other functions

1.3 – Brush Properties

2.1 – Cropping

2.2 – Make the horizon horizontal

2.3 – Organize highlights in groups

2.4 – Hidden details in the shadows

2.5 – Make corrections in the perspective

2.6-7 – Work with layers

2.8 – Organize layers in groups

2.9 – Merging, rasterizing and flattening layer

2.10 – Gradient layer mask

2.11 – Combine recordings with layer masks

3.1 – Eliminate irregularities

3.2 – Make skin smoother

3.3 – Whiten teeth

3.4 – Clear eyes

3.5 – Update body contours

3.6 – Make irregularities less conspicuous

4.1 – Place a transparent logo or watermark

4.2 – Change color

4.3 – Cut out figures and release them from the background

5.1 – Add text to a photo

5.2 – Place text blocks in an image

5.3 – Let text follow a path

5.4 – Display photos in letters

5.5 – Text warp and twist

5.6 – Character Styles and Paragraph Styles

Course Curriculum

Photoshop 00:00:00
Certificate of Participation (free)
Course Adobe Photoshop 00:00:00

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