In the US alone, the Personal Development industry generates close to $12 billion a year and it is without a doubt one of the biggest markets online.

Whether you’re already in this market and looking to grow your presence, or you’re someone who wishes to get started and waiting for the right time to get into it, then we’ve good news for you.

We’ve created a 52 week (one full year) training program. Each week you get a video, e-book and material to work on.

What do you learn in the 52 weeks?

(included some example videos)

Week #1 If You Can See It In Your Mind, You Can Hold It In Your Hands


Week #2 Setting Deadlines For Your Goals


Week #3 You Have The Power To Choose Your Attitude


Week #4 Change Is The Doorway To New Beginnings


Week #5 Negative Events Should Your Confidence


Week #6 Break Out Of Expected Patterns, Do Things Differently


Week #7 Things You Can Achieve By Being Disciplined


Week #8 Initiating And Handling Difficult Conversations In The Workplace


Week #9 The Power Of An Entrepreneurial Mindset


Week #10 5 Reasons Why Financial Education Is Your Best Investment

Week #11 Success Will Not Come By Accident, Focus!
Week #12 Dealing With Betrayal In A Relationship
Week #13 How To Develop An Attitude Of Giving
Week #14 There Is No Success Without Plans Let Your Goals Be Your Compass
Week #15 How To Raise Difficult And Hyperactive Boys
Week #16 Gratitude Is An Attitude
Week #17 Changing Your Habits Brings You Closer to Success
Week #18 Hope Can Help You Rise Above The Voices Of Doubt
Week #19 Root Out The Negative Influence
Week #20 How Living Intentionally Helps You Win Your Battles
Week #21 Understand And Get Clarity On Your Thought Patterns
Week #22 Finding Joy In Your Work
Week #23 Accept The Call To Move Up
Week #24 5 Ways Letting Go Helps You Reclaim Your Life
Week #25 Develop A Strong And Undefeatable Mind
Week #26 Make Peace With Your Present
Week #27 5 Eating Habits Before You Start Your Day
Week #28 How To Fully Benefit From A Partnership
Week #29 Be Patient Despite The Fast Pace Of The Modern Life
Week #30 Be At Peace With The Decisions You Make
Week #31 Eye’s On The Vision, Do Not Relent
Week #32 Getting Rid Of False Purpose In Your Life
Week #33 Staying Consistent
Week #34 The Secrets To Developing Resilience
Week #35 Self-Sufficiency Begins Is The Key To A Fulfilling Life
Week #36 Your Personal Brand
Week #37 The Value Of Storytelling
Week #38 Finding Peace With The Right Thoughts
Week #39 The Value Of Time
Week #40 There Is Power In Trusting Your Instincts
Week #41 How To Fight And Win Inner Battles
Week #42 Characteristics Of A Clear Vision
Week #43 Your Words Define Your Character
Week #44 Be Prepared To Say Yes Even When Uncomfortable
Week #45 The Positive Effect Of Abundant Love
Week #46 The Early Bird
Week #47 Seven Signs You Have A Bad Attitude
Week #48 Embracing The Inevitability Of Chnage
Week #49 Replace Doubt And Fear
Week #50 7 Important Benefits Of Creative Expression
Week #51 Self-Discipline Determines Your Value
Week #52 5 Ways to Help You Avoid Controversial Topics

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