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Title: 3 Steps To Improve Your Communication Skills

Subtitle: Learn how to Improve communication skills and take control of conversations by applying Ontological Methods.

Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes.

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Hi, and welcome to “3 Steps To Improve Your Communication Skills” I am very glad that you are here as part of this diverse global community of committed learners!

My name is Thushyanthan, and I am a leadership life coach. One thing I learnt in my coach training with Newfield Network is communication is MUCH more than verbal communication. It involves language AND emotions AND the body!

This approach may or may not be familiar to you, but I invite you to approach this course with the emotions of lightness and curiosity 🙂

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please don’t hesitate to post in the discussion forum or reach out. I am here as a coach and instructor for your continued learning!


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Congratulations on completing “3 Steps To Improve Your Communication Skills” By completing this course, you are among the top 95% of students who take action! Your achievement is a tremendous milestone and indicates your commitment to learning.

I invite you to experience the emotion of “pride” as you take a few moments to enjoy your achievement!

I have two requests for you:

  1. If you haven’t already, I invite you to write an honest review for this course because your opinions matter!
  2. Learning is a continual process, so I invite you to revisit this course over the weeks and months ahead and continue to practise the material and activities in this course.


Course Description

In this course, you will learn to become aware of your body, emotions, and language so you can choose and control how they impact the way you converse with others and interact with the world around you.

This course explores the intention (or purpose) of conversation. The way we can become effective communicators is to learn what it is we’re saying. Learning to understand how we see the world means to determine what it is that we are speaking to the world.

To put it another way: we can choose to engage in full, rich, satisfying conversations with others through understanding language use and how our word selection reflects our perception of and expectation from human interactions.

We learn how to improve communication skills through the six speech acts:

  • Requests
  • Offers
  • Promises
  • Assertions
  • Assessments
  • Declarations

Through practice, we become skilled at conversation with our networks, bosses, colleagues, teams, friends, and loved ones.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand how the actions you take in your life – based on the Ontological Methods you learn in the course videos and materials – can lead to new perspectives, great conversations, and increased opportunities for positive human connection.

Improve Communication Skills Through Ontological Coaching

Ontology, as taught by the Newfield Network, is the knowledge of how you are “being” in the world through your body/movement, thoughts/emotions, and language. Your body, thoughts and language are all interrelated. When you change one of these three components, you cause the other two to change or shift–for better or worse.

Ontology affects your conversations and their outcomes at work, home, and play. Conversation is more than talk; it’s about how we move our bodies, feel and interpret emotions, and choose our words.

Take Action & Enroll

Enroll now, make the commitment and jump straight into the course right now. I know this course will change the way you look at language!

Course Requirements

The invitation before beginning this course is to:

  • Be curious about communication.
  • Allow yourself to be a learner and possibly a beginner.

Course Rewards

After completing this course, you will have a better idea of the following:

  • Establish a new framework of understanding regarding communication.
  • Understand the role of the body, emotions and language to improve communication skills.
  • Learn about the five body dispositions and their associated postures, breathing pattern, story, and emotion.
  • Know about the six Speech Acts.
  • Know about how Requests, Offers, and Promises are related.
  • Notice the difference between Assertions (facts) and Assessments (opinions).
  • Learn when and how to make effective Declarations.
  • Learn about Ontological Methods for effective communication.
  • Understand Ontological Methods and models (e.g. B-E-L model and O-A-R model) for effective communication.

Course Audience

  • This course is for you if you are looking to improve your communication skills in your career, or with your family, or in your community.
  • This course is intended to help you explore and develop a new framework of understanding and connect it to deeper meaning and purpose in your conversations.
  • Learning to improve your communication skills will help you to understand what kinds of conversations you are in and to take control of them.
  • I designed this course for life coaches and leadership coaches who wish to learn in a new domain of competency.

List Of Videos For Free Previews

  • (Video 102) Learning & Language


    (Video 105) The Human Being


  • (Video 205) Promises


(Video 305) Wrapping Up Assertions, Assessments & Declarations


  • (Video 601) The Observer We Are

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