Are struggling with any problem that is making your life difficult every day? Do you want to be free of that problem for the rest of your life?

Use this course to get a daily reprieve from depression to anxiety, stress, bipolar disorder, addictions, alcoholi4 sm, drugs, pain, obsessive compulsive disorder, worry, fear, anger, overeating, insomnia, and any other suffering that is making your life unmanageable!

At 30 years old, I have already suffered from every single problem above at some point in my life. Every day, I use and live the 12 steps I share with you in this course to enjoy a spiritual solution to all of my character defects.

You can do this too when you use this course and combine it with a local support group that meets your needs best.

Course Curriculum

  1.  Introduction

    • Welcome! What can you do with this course?

    • 12 step support groups list

  2. Step 1: Surrender

    • Surrender in my life and yours

    • Surrender defined

    • Are you ready to surrender now?

  3. Step 2: Faith

    • Faith in a higher power explained

    • Being restored to sanity, insanity, and the power of faith

  4. Step 3: Trust

    • Introduction to trusting in my higher power to direct my life

    • How does it work to trust the universe and a higher power to run your life?

    • Using trust as a foundation for navigating the rest of the 12 steps

  5. Step 4: Reflection

    • Getting started with step 4 reflecting on what you have done in your life

    • How to do step 4 in writing down your shameful experiences

  6. Step 5: Confession

    • Getting started with step 5 using confession to purge your shame

    • Diving deep into step 5 in the details for how to confess

  7. Step 6: Willingness

    • Willingness to work on all character defects in step 6

    • What does unwillingness look like? Resistance is painful

  8. Step 7: Humility

    • Being humble, developing humility, and asking your higher power to remove defects

  9. Step 8: Restoration

    • Building a list of people and organizations you have harmed.

  10. Step 9: Healing

    • Step 9 in action making my own amends to my university today

    • Make amends to the people and places you have harmed without creating more hurt.

  11. Step 10: Consistency

    • These steps are a way of living that you do every day especially admitting wrong

  12. Step 11: Meditation

    • Establishing conscious contact daily with your higher power and praying

  13. Step 12: Awakening

    • Use the freedom you have from your problem to give others the same gift

    • A spiritual awakening experience I had recently that you might enjoy!

Course Curriculum

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