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  1. Add daily goal setting to your life and remove stress of long term goals.

    • Welcome to 10 daily goals for humans!

    • The entire value of this course in the first video by showing my workflow.

    • The old way of setting goals in time versus the new way setting goals for today.

    • Example of a daily goal versus a long term goal in my workflow.

  2. The benefits of daily goal setting explained.

    • Time spent working and enjoying long term goals versus daily.

    • I can still set long term goals as long as they fall within a daily goal.

  3. Problems solved with setting goals each day instead of making long term goals.

    • Daily goal setting eliminates setting goals where I do not control the outcome.

    • When you control the outcome of a daily goal, jealousy does not appear.

    • Anything that blocks progress on a daily goal I work to eliminate.

    • Days of failing to accomplish the goal become okay because of so much success.

    • The data saved me from telling a story of my failure after having a baby.

  4. Tracking daily goals is essential for learning and consistency.

    • Microsoft Excel works for me to track my professional progress.

    • MyFitnessPal works for me to track my diet, exercise, and weight.

    • Mint works for me to track my finances.

    • I participate in a support group each day to track my sanity.

    • Prayer and inspirational books help me track my mood at morning and at night.

    • Everyone helps me track my service and purpose for living.

  5. What are my daily goals and how do I practice them?

    • What are my 10 daily goals? Saying them out loud helps me practice them.

    • Stay sane by not creating more pain and suffering for myself and others.

    • Make a positive contribution to my family members and friends.

    • Eat a balanced healthy diet and feel I can eat whatever I want to.

    • Exercise.

    • Do the right amount of something productive.

    • Have some fun.

    • Stay curious.

    • Help someone.

    • Clean up and fix up.

    • Practice saying thank you and staying grateful.

  6. Building a life defined by accomplishing daily goals. How do I do it?

    • Nothing I get involved in is more important than my daily goals.

    • Sometimes it comes down to a walk at the doctor’s office.

    • Laziness is my friend and I design my life around accepting how lazy I am.

    • Habits are my friend because a few good habits accomplish most all the goals.

    • Anything that gets in the way of daily goals I consistently fix.

    • Accepting the things I cannot change and changing the things I can.

  7. Daily goal setting looks easy. What makes it difficult and how to fix it?

    • This seems too easy to be really work! The mind loves complexities.

    • Any sickness that exists will trample on daily goals.

    • Being above or below accomplishing daily goals and humility.

    • Too busy to have 10 things to do every day?

    • If you see you cannot live right on your own, the only solution is to get help.

  8. Congratulations on completing the course! What next?

    • Thank you for finishing this course! What did it motivate you to do?

    • A year later, how does my life look after doing these goals?

    • What if I fail the goals?

    • Practicing unconditional love for others.

Course Curriculum

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